This sexy little tease has something to show you.

I’m about to show you something unique and make you see why I’m such a sexy little tease. I love to make you weak and get you to the point where you break the rules. It’s not right, but it does feel so amazing. I want to show you that I can take you to places you will only dream about, in all honesty. Let me be the perfect JOI princess that’s about to play some fun games. No worries, it will all be worth it in the long run. The build-up will always be leading you to the best result. 

It’s true good things cum to those who wait.

My favorite thing is to have you ready to pop then make you stop jerking. I like to see the helpless look on your face. It does something to me when I notice you having such a hard time. Like a sexy little tease, I want to use you in so many ways. You think you will get lucky and ultimately blast the most significant load whenever you damn well please, but you’re so wrong. Without a doubt, I will make you suffer some more and make it nearly impossible for you to focus on anything other than the hunger to explore. The tease and denial will eventually catch up to you.

Ultimately there may be a premature eruption!

Of course, I will have to dripline you extra for that offense. If I see you cumming before you’re allowed to, you will have an even harder time. I will make sure to find your weakest spot and tease you relentlessly. I’m a sexy little tease, and I will blast some cheating fuck slut porn while I dress up in the naughtiest lingerie possible. Your cock is practically turning colors, and I love it so much. I can’t help but giggle my ass off at your weak presence. Never did I think you would look so pathetic, but yet here we are. Next, I will do something a bit crueler. 

I’m not an angel baby.

I may look sweet and harmless, but that’s where you are wrong. It is true, I like the dark side. After all, I’m not too fond of predictability. I want you blindsided so much that you will be crying. Once I have you where I want you, I will allow you to have a bit of fun. Don’t you dare think you will be able to ejaculate freely? It is still going to be quite the ride. I will allow you to squeeze those balls and will torture you some more while I rub my cunny like the sexy little tease I am. You’re so weak, and wanting a taste and even a feel-up will make your wildest dreams come true. Dream on, baby. I’m not letting you touch me, but once you’re crying and begging for mercy, I will let you jizz and laugh.

The best phone sex is the kind that will have you wanting more.