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I laughed as he started to test his restraints but he soon gave up. He looked so fucking weak laying there, but I loved it. I could see why he needed to resort to stalking three sexy lesbian teens. Amanda slowly dragged her nails up his left leg and torso before wrapping her small hand around his throat.  She gripped him tight and Gracie and I watched in awe as his face was flooded red. He was beginning to panic as she spits on his face and laughed. 

Gracie walked over to her and kissed her passionately as they knelt over his body. Despite his terror, his member was growing fast as he watched them. I slipped my hand down Amanda’s stomach and started rubbing her pussy from behind. “Is this what you wanted to see?” His cock was throbbing as he watched me slide my wet finger into Gracie’s mouth for a taste. I smiled at him sweetly and started stroking him slowly taking my time to feel every inch in my hand. After a moment we were all licking, sucking and stroking him but he knew he wasn’t safe. 

Revenge has never felt so good

His balls were swollen and you could see his veins pulsing as he watched these sexy lesbian teens toy with his body. Gracie and I had our lips wrapped around his cock, kissing each other around his length as Amanda sucked his balls. She started to slip something cold over his ass hole and he immediately started pulling at his ropes and begging for us to stop with his mouth full. Amanda slipped a thick butt plug inside him and giggled as he screamed around his ball gag. Gracie and I took turns slapping his cock and balls hard and dragging our nails over his pathetic vulnerable body.

While they continued their torture I straddled his chest and held his face in my hands. Carefully, I painted his lips red with my lipstick and stroked his hair. “What a pretty little rape doll you are.” a wicked grin grew across my face as he fought me and jumped at their abuse. I took the lipstick and painted his body with words like cumslut, fuck toy, faggot bitch. Amanda had started to tie his balls with a thick rope and made sure to have them as tight as possible. Once she was done we stood back and enjoyed our view and of course snapped a few photos of our new pet. The pictures were sent and the damage was done. We threw him out- naked cold and ball gag still in the mouth.

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