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My sexy lesbian neighbor Bianca has just let me in. She screams sex and she screams during it too;) I’m her neighbor and I can hear through the walls and I’m about to experience it for myself. She pushes me into her bedroom. She kisses me, runs her tongue over my parted lips. Our tongues intertwine, her arms wrapped around me. Our hot bodies pressed together, grinding into each other. It feels so amazing to finally know what this is like. I’ve wanted her for so long and now I’m here and she’s about to ravage me. It’s going to be heaven. Her mouth tells me so.

She kisses down my neck, down my chest. Her hands pull off my shirt and she pulls my tits over the top of my bra. She sucks my nipple into her mouth. They’re hard and oh my fucking god it feels so amazing. I run my fingers through her hair and she grazes my nipple with her teeth. My pussy floods and all I can think about is her head between my legs, her mouth on my wet pussy. She pulls my bra off and reaches down pulling my jeans off.

She falls to her knees and buries her nose between my legs.

Kissing my pussy through my panties. I’m about to cum undone already. She shoves me back on the bed and slides my panties off. Spreading my legs, pushing them back, she kisses my inner thighs, running her tongue up and down them. Teasing me, making me quiver with need. Holy fuuuuck I’m moaning already. She kisses my pussy lips, softly parting them. She slowly runs her tongue up and down my slit, over my clit. Tasting my sweet pussy, eating me out. I’m aching, writhing beneath her and I know the night has just begun.

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