So, you’re up for a little SEXY ADULT CHAT, huh?  Well, when you open the pages of Joey’s Sexy Journal to Darkness Falls…You’ll be in for ONE HELLUVA CALL, Baby! DARKNESS FALLS? Take a step forward to discover the abyss that was my burgeoning descent…into Sexual Darkness.  There was so much more cumming after mon Uncle Arnau…So much depravity, so much sexy darkness.  Do you dare walk through the door into my world of lustful debauchery?

My sexy world began to unfold with my Dad’s best friend and business partner, Uncle Arnau. But, since that moment, the veil was forever lifted.  I couldn’t get enough. You may think that it was the sex for which my desire was unquenchable.  I “got off” on the knowledge that my nubile body could drive a man to his knees.  And the men I most prefer, will always be older men.  Did Uncle Arnau create a mini monster in me because I knew exactly how HE worked?  Maybe.  Guess we’ll never know, huh? LOL

I now work in the ADULT CHAT arena and I’m often asked to recount my memories of my SEXY, SEXY CHILDHOOD!  When I begin speaking about it, my pussy instantly tightens, moistens to nearly dripping and is ever eager to be plunged deeply, forcefully, almost angrily.  I need to have my ponytail grabbed, with thick male appendages wrapped around the strands of hair, my head YANKED backward; forced to look into his eyes. His smile broadening as tears flow from the corners of my eyes.  Why tears?  The pain, insult? Hahahaha. Nope. The tears are tears of pure unadulterated…JOY! Yes. I said it!

I have no desire for the soft, gentle lovemaking sessions. No! My sexy romps always, always, ALWAYS include being TAKEN BY FORCE…even if I am the willing victim. Giggle.  I have journaled on every sexy adventure I have ever had with ALL my men. But, I tend to focus on my older gents…I never lose the feeling inside the ever dripping walls of this hot, little pussy.  The fingers, tongues, cocks, toes, fists, and alternative “implements” were like a non-stop conveyor belt of sensual pleazurez!   In fact, it’s the sole reason I seek the satisfaction of others, via Adult Chat.  Gives me a chance to work some shit out in my own head, while providing a mental fuck-fest to my men.  Hell! I even give away FREE PHONE SEX MINUTES nearly every week, just so, I can continue my self-inflicted “sex therapy“!

If you haven’t spoken to me yet…what the HELL are you waiting for?  I know…I scare a lot of men with my voracious appetite for sex. But, I’m really harmless. And I don’t bite…well, unless you beg me to. Looking to have that man pussy eXXXplored? Take you by FORCE?  Hold you hostage to my blackmail demands…? More?  Oh, Baby…there is SO MUCH MORE to me.

Call me and take me on that sought after Mental Ganutlet…I’ll make you a winner!  Don’t believe a voice can “take you there”? Hmmmmm. Well, Baby…now’s the day to test that theory! I’m a much better Phone Sex Operator than you are an evader. I WILL CATCH YOU.  And when I do, I’m taking you down. Don’t say you weren’t warned, Baby. And when you recover…(Giggle) IF YOU RECOVER…Your very first word will be…MORE!

When you’re ready to have a REALLY, REALLY SEXY, ADULT CHAT, with a woman who can bring your every thought TO LIFE…Call me, I’ll be waiting to spin my stories for only YOU!

Can you take on Joey?


Let Me Inside Your Mind!