Sexy Impregnation Fantasy with My Naughty Workplace Lover

Derik and I had become lovers several weeks back.  I think I told you a while ago about meeting him when I was temping for a law firm.  Well, since that time, I have gotten a full-time position in the firm.  And, as luck would have it, Derik was the leader of the team I was working on.  Since the first time that I became his erotic lunch, we had been having hot and increasingly erotic sex ever since.  We routinely played out fantasies that pushed very taboo edges.  And, our most recent one was a sexy impregnation fantasy that pushed against my longing for taboo phone sex. 

After that first time when we had hot and dirty sex on the conference room table during lunch, things really started to heat up.  Derik and I found ourselves diving into some very naughty places.  Like the time Derik took a meeting with me sitting under his desk.  While Derik greeted the local DA and his assistant into the room, I knelt quietly in the small area that generally housed his big leather chair.  As Derik sat down, his widespread legs moved towards me.  My womb contracted at the thought of a sexy impregnation fantasy.

Sexy Impregnation Fantasy Can Bring You to the Edge

As the meeting began, I leaned forward.  My fingers gently gripped the tab of his zipper.  I could feel Derik’s thighs tensing as his cock began to grow.  Pulling his growing cock out of his pants, I leaned even closer so my tongue could circle the head.  As Derik’s voice filled the room, I slid my mouth down the shaft of his cock.  After all, I am truly a cum eating queen.

Do You Have a Sexy Impregnation Fantasy?

My throat muscles clenched on his stiff erection as I increased the pace of my pumping mouth.  Derik’s large cock slid to the back of my mouth as hot cum filled my throat.  As I swallowed the last of his cum, I slid his cock back into his pants and quietly slid the zipper back up.  Then, I watched those legs slide back as he rose to his feet to say goodbye to his guests and thank them for coming.  Of course, I knew he had a sexy impregnation fantasy as well.

A Good Fantasy Always has as an Edge of Truth

 I got back to my feet and looked up just in time to see Derik moving quickly back towards me.  I gasped as he pushed me back onto the edge of the desk.  His zipper was down, and his hard cock slid deep and hard into my soaking wet cunt.

Our most recent fantasy has pushed the edges of danger in some astonishing ways.  Recently, Derik expressed an interest in playing without protection during my most fertile time of the month.  Of course, right at the moment of cumming, he pulls his cock out, and his hot seed covers my stomach.  With his thick cum covering my belly, I reach down and scoop it into my hand and lick every drop clean.  Then we both get off on watching our sexy impregnation fantasy slide down my throat.

Let’s Share Our Fantasies with Each Other

And then tonight, things got way out of hand in our hot impregnation fantasy.  Derek invited me back to his place after work.  When I got to his house, he opened the door, and I gasped at what I saw.  I shivered with anticipation as I walked into his apartment that was filled with candlelight.  Of course, I was excited when I saw the center of the room was a makeshift bed.

As Derik helped me undress, I could feel my pussy filling with hot wetness.  I lay down in the center of the bed.  As Derick knelt between my legs, he instructed me to lift my hips.  He slid several pillows under my hips.  “I want the best angle as I pump my seed into that hot cunt of yours,” he whispered into the quiet room.  Smiling up at him, I found myself enjoying the idea of his seed growing inside my belly.  Of course, sexy impregnation fantasies always got me off.

Derik’s mouth slid down the center of my body to land at my wet pussy.  As his tongue brought me to orgasm over and over, I found my longing for his hard cock.  Sliding up my body, he whispered, “This time for the real thing, Baby.”  I smiled because I knew the more we pretended in the role-play of our sexy impregnation fantasy, the hotter it felt.

What’s Your Deepest Desire?

Of course, I was ovulating.  Which only made the danger of the fantasy all the hotter.  As Derik looked down at me, he smiled and slid his hard cock deep into my receptive cunt.  My hips were at such an angle that my legs were straight up in the air with my heels resting on his shoulders.  I could feel how close Derik was to orgasm. I whispered in his ear, “Is this just a sexy impregnation fantasy, or is it real?”

His scream filled the room, “I’m cumming.”  With that, I expected to feel the hot spray of cum covering my belly just as it had every other time.  My body started to shake as I felt it feel my hot pussy.  Shockingly, I could feel it planting deep in my fertile womb.  The sexy impregnation fantasy felt all too real.

My eyes widened in shock and just a little bit of excitement as I saw the seductively satisfied look spread across Derik’s face.


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