Hypnosis Experience Part II: My first visit with Dr Jones

Let’s continue where we left off with my sexy hypnosis experience… He spoke softly and calmly telling me then I was going to drift into a very relaxed almost sleeping state. My eyes started to close and I became more relaxed on the sofa. I could hear D.r Jones telling me to open my eyes and look at him. As I opened my eyes I saw Dr. Jones taking off his shirt and pulling off his pants. He picked me up and carried me to his desk laying me on my back. He looks into my eyes and I asked me if I wanted him. I couldn’t even give him a verbal response, I reached around his neck pulling him closer to me and kissed his lips.

At that moment I felt so much passion between our lips as kissed. His hands slid up my thighs gripping and squeezing them as he made his way up my stomach. At this point he breaks away from my lips and starts kissing his way down my neck, kissing his way down my chest, meeting his hands at my stomach.

He begins to strip me and continue caressing my body as he takes off my clothes.

My eyes closed, biting my lip, all I see is fireworks in my head. Before I know it, I feel Dr. Jones’ warm, wet tongue slide between my pussy lips. Almost as a reflex, my thighs gripped each side of his head. He didn’t stop. It was almost as if he started to lick faster and dive his tongue in my cunt even deeper. Everything just felt so fucking amazing.

The next thing I know, my feet are on the floor, I’m facing down on the desk, he has my hair in his hand and I feel his dick sliding in my pussy. I gasp as he slides deeper. The sexiest part of it all is hearing him moan as he strokes my pussy and digs his fingers into my skin. He begins stroking faster and I feel myself about to cum. He stops and grabs my throat, whispering in my ear, “you better not cum until I say so”.

That only turned me on even more.

At that moment he flipped me over and kissed me and he started fucking me even harder. He kept whispering, you better not cum, you better not cum. It was driving me insane! He was intentionally making me want to cum but wouldn’t allow me to, and I was trying my best to follow the doctor’s orders. Finally, I couldn’t take it anymore. I told him that I was about to cum and immediately pulled his dick out of my pussy. He got down on his knees and ate my pussy as I came all over his face.

The moment was magical. After I came, he grabbed his pants and started getting dressed. I was still out of it, spaced out in ecstasy. Finally, I looked up at him and asked what had happened. His response was, you tell me. I was confused for a moment. I thought to myself, had I really been hypnotized? Did what I thought happened, really just happen? Was I still under this hypnosis state and this is all a dream? I couldn’t make sense of it for a moment.

So finally I asked him again, what just happened.

Dr. Jones smiled at me and asked me if I felt like I had been seduced?  I smiled and said yes. He asked how was my sexy hypnosis experience? I knew that I had not been hypnotized at that moment. Finally, I realized that my sexy hypnosis experience was a sexual encounter with a very handsome doctor who knew exactly what he was going to do from the moment told him that no man had ever seduced me before.

I must admit, if I had to rate the overall sexy hypnosis experience with Dr. Jones, I would give him 5 stars. Although I walked into his office curious about hypnosis, I walked out feeling better than I had felt in a very long time. He took care of my body in a way no man ever had!

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