Kinky is my middle name. I am into all things freaky and wild. Of course, I am guessing you are too. That is why we are a great match. You are craving kinky fun, such as sexy hunt animal play.

Imagine you are hunting me, your prey, in the forest. Therefore, I am trying to hide and getaway, but you are too clever for me. And, a trap you have set up ensnares me, and now, I am stuck.

I am at your mercy. When you come to the trap and see I am caught, your cock is immediately hard and ready. All that is running through your mind is dominating and claiming your prey.

My sexy hunt animal play is hot and intense!

You drag me out of the trap without any worry about my well being. I am nothing but a filthy animal to be used and abused. Your dick is throbbing as you see how incredibly gorgeous this animal is.

I am absolutely stunning. My body is firm and strong from living in the wild. When you look into my eyes, you see the fire of wild chaos and want to tame me. Of course, that is impossible.

He can have me but will never tame this beast. No one can own me. It doesn’t stop his desire to take me during the sexy hunt animal play. He may be able to trap and touch me, but not deep down; somehow, he knows I am untamable.

Of course, there are so many different types of animal play.

One of my friends can’t resist the doggies she is sitting for when they have huge cocks. Her horny teen Animal Play is super-naughty too! I totally look forward to hearing about her wild nights with the pooches.

I am definitely open to that type of animal play too. All of it gets my tight young pussy wet. With kinky in my blood, my little kitty stays wet and ready most days. It is finding the right guys that get me. That is why I love sexy hunt animal play so much.

Now, back to the hunt! He is unable to resist this beautiful beast. Dragging me into a clearing, he knows he must have me in every way possible. To do that, he has to get me under some control.

I am fighting him with every drop of energy in my body.

He remembers the tranquilizers in his bag. If he uses a smaller one, it will slow me down and make me pliable. Oh, he should have thought of this ahead of trapping me. Of course, he wasn’t expecting this gorgeous creature.

Dragging me with him, he pulls out a dart and jabs me with it. Within minutes I am calming down. That is his cue; now, he can have his way with me. This game of sexy hunt animal play is more real than you have ever experienced.

Once he is back in the clearing with me, he turns my body over so he can take me from behind. Looking down at that sweet butt, he knows he must penetrate that tight asshole. I am completely compliant and unable to fight him now.

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Mia Kinky Crew