Let’s be honest. Most women are hoping the guys they are dating will have a nice size penis. Of course, I am happy to unleash my sexy granny SPH on all those who have inadequate dicks.

Seriously, for a chick, we are always fearing the first time we see your cock. We are thinking, “What is it going to be like? Please let it at least be average. Don’t be tiny! Don’t be tiny!”

Then, if it is small,  and we are making out and feel that small hard meat stick, hiding our disappointment is so hard. Well, for most women who are still nice to you it is hard.

However, not this lady and her sexy granny SPH.

If we are making out and I touch a tiny tallywacker, trust me, you are going to hear my opinion ASAP! First and foremost, that thing is not entering my body in any way.

Secondly, if you want to play with this sexy GILF, you are going to be a cuck bitch, a sissy bitch, or sub bitch. You and I are never going to fuck if it is a tiny little pecker.

In my world, you are only worthy of sexy granny SPH. Those three-inch dicks have no purpose in my holes. What in the fuck can you do for me? Nothing at all.

Of course, you can use your tongue to please me as I am getting fucked by a real cock.

I do love a cuck bitch that is up for fun. A guy that accepts his place in the pecking order. That is why I love sharing my small penis humiliation with guys. I feel it is my duty to help them accept their truth.

It must be hard saddled with a small dick while all the men around you have a much better cock. Too bad, so sad. Time for my sexy granny SPH and some reality, baby.

Trust me, once you own the truth, you can stop letting women down and have more fun with us. I want you to cum during the cuckold fun, just not inside my cunt.

You will learn all my rules with my sexy granny SPH.

Sometimes I call it GILF sad penis humiliation. Because your dick is so fucking sad and disgusting to us. We, women, find ourselves faking it when we are young and dumb.

Then, as we get older, some of us, like me, realize we don’t have to do that anymore. Alternatively, there are some chicks that go through life fucking tiny cocks and accepting them.

They are afraid to hurt the guy’s feelings. Oh, how I wish I could teach them my sexy granny SPH! What a fucking thrill to empower an army of women to be able to NOT accept inferior dicks!

Just thinking about it gets my pussy tingling.

Honestly, I am even getting wet over the idea. A huge group of women standing up and making little dick men our bitches. Bowing down to us and being our cucks.

Oh, how I love a cuck bitch that will do anything I want. Get on your knees cuck and suck that real dick for me. Reality check time with sexy granny SPH for the inadequate cocks of the world!

Bring it on, baby! So, reader, which are you? Are you the small pecker cuck bitch or the buck with a “real” dick? Either way, call me for some GILF phone sex fun!