Is Your Sexy Girlfriend Not Enough Fun?

I have the perfect solution for you. I can turn your sexy girlfriend into the little whore she was meant to be. All you have to do is follow my lead and soon enough we will have her ready to please us both. Let’s call it a punishment for being such a fucking prune. What’s my plan, you ask? So simple, you’d think she’d been a slut forever.

Firs thing is you have to have her over for dinner. You need to get her nice and drunk before I make an appearance. Let’s get her a loosen up, giggling and craving your cock. Maybe even once she is so down to fuck you can’t get her off of you, you start going down on her. Licking her sweet pussy till she can’t take it anymore. That’s when you introduce me to her when her eyes are rolling back and she is cumming her mouth. Then she’ll be willing to do whatever we want. Starting with getting me nice and wet. While you fuck her tight wet cunt I’ll hop on her face and make her taste me. She is so willing she won’t put up a fight.

All I want is for her to get a taste of my pussy to wanted over and over again. I am going to grind my hips right on her face. She is going to be covered in my juices. Flip her over and fuck her behind as I lay back and watch for awhile. Fuck her harder than you ever have. Make her eat my pussy too. I want to see her pretty eyes as her tongue goes deep in my pussy.

After that is my turn. Fuck me till you fill me up and watch your drunk girlfriend suck your hot load out of me.

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