Most human beings dread their yearly check-up, especially women. Not this hot mature lady! I make sure all my doctors are young and sexy, making my visits super fun. You see, I am a master of seduction with all, including the fine medical professionals I am seeing. Making my yearly sexy GILF annual exams like no others. I am always telling my girlfriends they should be doing the same thing.

Honestly, there is nothing more fun than playing with your nurse or doctor. We all played “doctor” as kids so why not live it in real life? Of course, my life was full of naughty incest from an early age, so my version of playing “doctor” is way different than yours! My life is spectacular and it always has been. From that young age, I am a learning being. Exploring all avenues of sexual fun.

Now, that applies to all my sexy GILF annual exams.

If we have spoken, you know that I am the definition of “freaky!” I am a NO LIMITS mature phone sex operator. When you call me for some playtime, we are going to delve into your naughtiest of fantasies. Of course, if you are too afraid, I won’t be laughing too hard at you. Oh, who I am kidding, if you are calling me, come ready for the dirty, nasty calls that get you off like no other!

One thing my doctor knows about me is my extreme sex drive. He is well aware of my somewhat nympho behavior. He doesn’t know about the incest within our family as it is private other than with those we are playing with and my callers. Of course, that has nothing to do with our sexy GILF annual exams. These are all about me and the fun I am having with my doctor and his nurse.

I honestly think they are looking forward to this day as much as I am.

Obviously, I am not only about incest in my life. For instance, as a Kinky Office Slut, I fucked many employees. Wow, I love the days of hot office sex with beautiful people. Using my hot body, convincing married men it is all good sleeping with me. Oh, the many committed cherries I have popped over the years. I am a naughty slut and proud of it.

Today is one of my sexy GILF annual exams. Dr. Tandy is my hot doctor. He is around 38 years old, single and very much into the fun we are having together. His eyes are a beautiful blue and they light up when we are fucking on the exam table. My favorite nurse is Sheila and she is totally into playing with me too. Most of my visits are all three of us playing together and that is definitely fun.

First, it is Sheila and I reconnecting during her information gathering.

Then, when Dr. Tandy comes in for the full exam, we are all down to our beautiful naked bodies, playing together. Dr. Tandy is packing a huge 10-inch pecker. Sheila has large, full breasts made for kissing and squeezing. I love watching Dr. Tandy titty fuck her on the exam table. Consequently, I am always the last patient of the day and everyone else is gone from the office. We are there for hours having all our naughty fun.

I am always ready for these sexy GILF annual exams, showing them many new, dirty things we are trying together. Before me, they were both vanilla normals, now they are true perverts. They both love when I bring along my younger family members for special exam time. Dr. Tandy is definitely into examining our youngers, especially the taboo young I can’t discuss on here.

Of course, you know, we are limited on our blogs.

During my calls, the sky is the limit on our topics and role-plays. And, yes, as stated earlier, I have NO LIMITS. Meaning, you can bring me the darkest, nastiest fantasies you have been carrying around in your brain. I love those deep, dark naughty fantasies. Helping you to quench your thirst for extreme fun. Honestly, many of my callers continue being surprised at my life, hearing all the age-play and incest that is in my daily world.

Are you curious to hear the rest of the sexy GILF annual exams details or maybe you have been looking for the right ACCOMPLICE to help you? Well, here I am! Call me now for that dirty fun!

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