Kadie was my 1 year old gorgeous Golden Retriever when this happened. I just loved her to death.

My sexy furry friend obviously loved me as well. When I was a young girl I remember falling asleep with my fingers deep inside my pussy. Fiercely batting them back and forth, sliding in and out…ahhh, I craved the stimulation. My hot pussy needed penetration 24 fucking 7! I believe my vagina gave off the scent of sweet succulence. Memories of men hitting on me at such a young age still fill my head. To see my grandmother cursing them to the pits of hell still makes me giggle! My family were carnies, we lived a very exciting, hot, sexual life. Hell, my cousin Gigi and I were made to play with each other from the time we can remember. We loved turning our aunts, uncles, mother, Grandparents and their friends on. All the attention focused on us, while making cocks hard and pussies wet! It was goddamn amazing!

I found out soon after getting my sexy furry friend Kadie, she loved my pussy as well.

Prior to this with my golden receiver was my best friend. My sidekick all day, every day. We would swim in the lake together, walked through the woods on new adventures. She was my loyal bitch, always had my back. If I jumped off the dock into the river, Kadie followed. I fuckin’ loved my furry friends who were always ready to follow me in all my adventures. In other words, Kadie was the best sexy furry friend ever! As usual, I was sleeping with my pointer and middle finger knuckle deep in my pussy. All of a sudden I felt the long lap of a tongue running through my pussy lips. In fact, I thought I was dreaming…since I’d awoken to the same feeling from my family numerous times.

Ordinarily, I would just lie there in the fetal position…

My young pussy opened with pleasure, as it was filled with a warm, wet dog tongue. But in this instance, I sluggishly rolled on my back.  I figured it was mommy licking my moist cunt. My little body couldn’t help but moan and squirm as Kadie ate my juicy pussy. Her long tongue diving in as deep as she could, had me grabbing her head. I truly thought I’d feel the head of my mom, instead, it was my horny, sexy furry friend. Fuck me, her tongue was delightful, I wanted more. I grabbed her sweet face and started grinding my pussy all over her long, wet snout. My little clit was swelling as my pussy dripped for my cute puppy dog.

I’d never felt anything so motherfucking incredible in my whole little life.

My tender pink puss ended up squirting all over Kadie’s hairy face, drenching her in my sweet juices. For this reason Kadie and I began the early morning, cunt eating ritual. Consequently, I was addicted to the feel of my dog’s tongue lapping over my lips before diving in. She made me cum harder than any one of my family members. For example, my cousin was at least 6″ long, and thicker than my little fist. He would make me cum within a few thrusts of his pounding dick…it felt insanely incredible. But, as soon as my sexy furry friend started eating my young pussy out, I couldn’t get enough.

As much as I loved my precious pup licking my juicy young cunt.

I still felt this awkwardness, ashamed about my deviant taboo. Until now, I hadn’t known anyone who let their sexy little fur bitch eat them out. Little did I know, my secret love affair with Kadie was about to change immediately. This particular morning started like any other. Kadie waking me with her warm tongue sliding through my lips and ass crack. Dipping her tongue deep inside, devouring my sweet fuck holes. My obedient golden retriever was insanely passionate. I had a hold of her smooth head, grinding her snoot in to my juicy hole, as her tongue slapped around my clit. My body started shaking, pussy juice ravished by my dog. As I tell her “I’m cumming Kadie!”

All of a sudden my door flies open…it’s my motherfucking babysitter Grant!

“WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING HERE GRANT?” I screamed in horror!!! He was truly shocked, I read it on his face. Grant had babysat me for the last 4 years. My 14 year old next door neighbor, and his parents were my parents best friends. I’m laying there on my back, ABSOLUTELY FUCKING MORTIFIED! He watched for a few minutes, then told me he’s babysitting me and he’ll be right back. I scurried to get my clothes on, and before I knew it, Grant was back. With his male dog named Bruto. What came next made me look so fucking naive!!!


 Grant’s bestiality fetish had NO Boundaries!


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