What is the Mile High Club?

Do you want to fuck a mile high in the sky? If your destination is pleasure, welcome aboard the hottest flight of your life! See us standing there at the entrance in our dark blue skirts, white tops, black thigh highs, and matching heels. The top button is undone for your viewing pleasure. That is just one of the many benefits of being in first class! Would you like to be escorted to your seat? Follow this way and let’s get you ready for take-off! What a perfect view of that nice round ass shaking back and forth as we lead you down the aisle! Once we reach our desired elevation, the nearest sexy flight attendant will cater to your every need! Fasten your seat belt and loosen your pants belt. It’s time to sit back, relax, and enjoy your flight!

Soaring High

Once in the air, the seat belt signs turn off and the sexy flight attendant near you will start taking drink orders. Lucky for you, you’ve got me! I am here to satisfy all of your in-flight needs. It looks like you could use a drink. Take off can be a little nerve inducing, but a couple of shots at this elevation will have you feeling better in no time.

Since you are first class, maybe you would like to order one of our special packages. It includes one set price for unlimited drinks and a deep massage. I have incredibly soft hands that love to touch wealthy men ALL over. For a little extra money on the side, I might let you give me a massage in return! You guessed it. Not only am I a sexy flight attendant but I can be your sexy sugar baby if you are a deep pocket daddy!

Sexy Flight Attendant With Full Service

Let me relax you for an overall satisfying flight. I’ll start at your shoulders. If you could remove your coat and unbutton the top of your shirt, this will allow me better access to your most tense areas. It seems as though you have quite a bit of tension in your pants as well. If you haven’t taken off your belt all the way, allow me to assist you. Feel my french manicure gracefully glide up and down your thighs as that hard cock begins to throb. Bent over in the aisle with my perky tits so close to your face, I know that you are tempted to pull me into your cock. Your cock craves the lips of a sexy flight attendant wrapped around it. However, I am only getting started. So, sip your drink and let me continue.

You have ordered the extra special massage package that only the naughtiest of flight attendants offer. So, I take my hand and work it into your undone pants, gripping that throbbing member. Then, as I slide into the open seat next to you, I block the view of the other passengers and pull out your rock-hard cock. As I start to stroke you a mile high above the ground, your entire body is feeling the most incredible amount of pleasure. I continue pumping you slow and steadily for a few minutes before you are left on edge as my hand leaves your cock. For only a couple hundred dollars more, I can give you EVERYTHING your naughty mind and cock desires.

Money Makes Me Horny

When the money reaches my hand, I reach out for yours. Leading you down the aisle and concealing your boner against our locked fingers. Then we make our way to the service room. Did you really think a sophisticated man and a sexy flight attendant would be fucking in a tiny bathroom? We have a special place on the plane for flight attendants or co-pilots to sleep between shifts. I pull back the curtain and reveal a luxurious little room with a full-sized bed just for us. Lay back. It is finally time to get your wings, captain!

Welcome to the Club!

As soon as your pants come down, I climb up on top of you and straddle your cock. My soft thigh highs are rubbing against you and making you crave me even more. How badly do you want to fuck this sexy flight attendant pussy? As I press down onto you, you notice that underneath the blue skirt, I wasn’t wearing any panties. What a lucky man you are! I reach down and start to guide you to my tight wet hole. Are you ready? Pushing the head of your cock in, we each let out a loud moan. As I start to ride you a mile high in the sky, we can’t tell if it is turbulence or our incredibly hot airplane sex that is shaking us all over the bed.

After we’ve finished, I will clean you up and escort you back to your seat. When the flight lands and my layover begins, depending on your cock and bank account I might be ready for round 2! Just call my phone sex hotline if you are craving more!