When my husband suggests a sexy family vacation getaway, I always say yes! I love spending time with my favorite two guys in a tropical paradise! The three of us getting to have non-stop sex is hot!

Now that my son is getting older, it is so much easier for us to take him with us places. He is college age and is so handsome now. It is like having two studs at my disposal.

Of course, he and my husband love playing together too. And, I enjoy watching them. At first, he was our little cuck bitch during our dirty MILF son control. Although sometimes, he still is, depending on my mood.

However, it is all fun and games when we have our sexy family vacation.

Both of my guys have huge dicks now. Early on, I wasn’t sure my son would grow into a big dick but he is surprising me in so many ways. In fact, his cock is bigger than his father’s.

Luckily, my husband doesn’t mind it at all. He actually loves sucking that larger dick. And, my son is still more than happy to suck his father for me. Both men are great at fucking me too.

And, there is plenty of mommy getting her good fuckings. We fuck in the room and so many other places during our sexy family vacation. It depends on where we are staying too. If we have a private location we can fuck outside on the property.

If we are in a hotel, we have to be creative on our sexy family vacation.

Although, that just means it makes it more fun. Adding in some risk makes the thrill of it super hot and kinky. My pussy gets wet when we have the fear of getting caught.

Hotel or condo sex has to be extremely creative. We have to be super careful but we can make it happen. It is all about the timing, baby! And, this naughty Latina MILF is fantastic at the timing!

So, no matter what we decide to do, it is possible. I want our sexy family vacation to be outstanding and I make sure it is! Whether we choose a threesome in the hotel pool or some balcony sex after dinner.

My husband is extremely good at picking locations as well.

If we are in a nicer hotel, he will spend time touring around the hotel to find fun spots for us to fuck. Saunas, gyms, or other interesting locations. Currently, he has chosen the public hot tub in the gym as our first session location.

After it is dark, our son and I meet the hubby down there. No one is around and we leave the regular lights off. Only the dim after-hour lights are on. We slip off our clothes and climb into the hot tub.

I am in the middle of my guys at first as the three of us start making out. It is a great location to start the fun for our sexy family vacation. My husband hops to the side of the tub and I suck his cock.

As I am doing that, my son positions behind me.

I feel his huge dick sliding into my tight mommy pussy and moan into my husband’s hard dick. The fun is just starting for this wild vacation!

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