A Sexy Family Reunion Becomes A Lot More Lively!

So, what are your thoughts on a sexy family reunion?   Generally, you never associate a gathering with family sex stories.  To be honest, some earlier reunions were full of drama or boring as heck.  I remember seeing cousins, aunts, uncles, and friends of the family in attendance.  Sometimes I would’ve rather been somewhere else than hanging out with boring adults.  Trust me I had a crush on a cousin or two, but not until I became a bit older.  I never would’ve thought of them as more than childhood family playmates.

Lisa and Brooks were cousins who grew up together.  When they were younger they did not have anything remotely sexual between them.  For the most part, they existed amicably together.  If anything, the two cousins avoided each other like the plague.  Little did the two cousins realize later would prove to be quite an eye-opening experience.

Well, Lisa grew up to be a studious young woman.  She became a loving nurse who worked at a large hospital.  Coupled with stunning looks and a sharp mind it was understandable that she would not stay single forever.  Lisa was engaged to marry a doctor who worked at the same hospital.  Her future was an assured one.  Brooks grew up to be a police officer.  He always loved the excitement of helping others.

Hence, came the sexy family reunion!

Neither Brooks nor Lisa really wanted to go to the reunion, however, they decided to go after receiving much pressure from their families to attend.  The reunion was held at a lovely hotel.  There was so much food, dancing, and people.  Brooks and Lisa went to the reunion without their partners.

Brooks went to get a drink at the bar when he spotted Lisa.  He couldn’t believe it was her.  She looked so different than what he had remembered.  Both of them looked each other up and down.

While they wanted to stay faithful, all they could think about was fucking one another!

Oh my gosh Lisa looked so hot.  Lisa’s long blonde hair fell down below her bra line.  His eyes traveled to her sumptuous big tits.  He wondered what she was wearing under her red strapless dress.  Brooks admired Lisa’s long sexy legs and only imagined them around his neck.  Brooks wasn’t bad-looking himself.  His sapphire blue eyes seemed to bear into her very soul.  Lisa imagined running her hands through his jet-black hair.

Next, he asked Lisa to dance.  Shakily they went to the dance floor and started dancing.  The touch of their hands sent electricity through Lisa’s spine.  He grabbed her ass as they embraced and danced.  Both of them knew this was so wrong, but they couldn’t stop.

Taking the flirting to the next level!

It was decided they would get together after the reunion to catch up in a more intimate setting.  After the party, the two met up to get some coffee.  They flirted some more and caressed one another under the table.  On one hand, they knew they were both engaged to be married.  On the other hand, they didn’t want to lose each other again after all these years.

So the two horny cousins went to a nearby motel to talk.  Well as you know they didn’t do too much talking.  Once inside, he pinned her against the door kissing her passionately.  He kissed her neck and slowly removed her red dress.  His suspicions were correct that Lisa wasn’t wearing any panties under that dress.  Lisa looked so good just he thought she would look.

When Brooks removed his clothes, Lisa was on him in an instant.  She kissed down his body.  His bulging cock was already hard.  Taking it into her mouth, Lisa hungrily sucked her cousin’s hard cock.  I believe knowing that they were both taken fueled their lust even more.

The two can’t enough of one another!

He pulled Lisa’s face off of his cock.  He wanted to save any resolve he had left to please her.  Kissing his way down her body he licked and kissed her pussy until she reached climax.  Her pussy tasted so sweet.  Next, he mounted her sexy curvy body.

Brooks fought to hold back his cum as he started to pump his blonde cousin.  Her pussy was so tight.  Brooks loved kissing and sucking on those big hard nipples.  She abandoned all morals and wrapped her legs around his torso.  Neither of them wanted the night to end.

There was still so much to look forward to.  I bet you will look at the sexy family reunion differently now.  Let’s keep it in the family with some hot incest phone sex.

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