Sexy Death Game for People with Unlimited Lust! Are You Ready?

A Sexy Death Game in your future? Well, this week, it’s Murder-via-sex and it’s a little game I came up with some friends. Adult sex stories ARE my specialty, and I just can’t wait to dream up new ones!  However, sometimes I think of something TOTALLY outside the mainstream of what I normally fantasize about.  I’ll admit it, there are times when my sexy thoughts tip the scales of the morbid regarding a sexy death game.

And, that’s JUST what makes my tight pussy ache!

So, I’ve GOT to act on them, or I won’t maintain my usual control.  It started when I picked up that cute guy at the club.  Of course, I knew he’d been popping Ludes and horny simply REEKED from his pores!  He’d been an easy roll. He’d already told me he was a whore on the streets. Therefore, he wouldn’t be missed!  Moreover, I’d hid him well. There’s a canyon behind my condo that probably still holds some of Bundy’s victims. Talk about a sexy death game!

But, what he didn’t know when he lay on my bed was that I would be the last EVERYTHING he’d EVER eXXXperience!  I was also the BEST!  I’d actually done him a favor! When else would he, or ANY man have a soft, warm, wetter than slippery silk pussy like mine?  NEVER! That’s when!

A Sexy Death Game to Remember!

So, just when I had him on all fours and started my anal assault on him, I removed the sheath and plunged the blade deep into his ass!  He jerked, moaned, then spurt that jizz deep into me.  I wonder if he felt that rope slip around his throat before the end?

Moreover, the cleanup is a breeze with the crew I have on retainer!

It takes me mere days to locate my next pleasure victim, then, I’m off to the next. I can’t help it if my libido has no off switch. I just adore being turned on. But, then it wears off and I need my next fix. I spot them just about everywhere, on the streets, in the air, and even in my best friend’s bed. What? It’s not my fault that my needs are ever-evolving! You should check out my workplace masturbation stories! Haha.

I sometimes wonder, what kind of man would make me stop craving the sexy death game. But, I’m just not sure. I can find lots to love about almost every man. However, the one to make me stop would have to be someone really special!

Maybe He Would Start a New Sexy Death Game?

I try to ALWAYS leave you wanting MORE of my phone sex stories! There’s no limit to my nasty. And the things I say will make you BLUSH! But, isn’t that the point? Tell me your secrets, and I’ll tell you mine. Let’s do nasty things together, then whisper, “Shhh” when we part ways. Both knowing that someone else knows exactly what we need.

Think I’m bad here in the blog world? Hit me up on my naughty line! You Won’t BELIEVE the Shit I DO!


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