Sexy Corset+Hard Body+Big Dick=A Very Turned On Girl

A sexy corset on a man with a muscular, hard body is a very tempting sight! I’ve always known, from a young age on, that I was attracted to men who like to wear woman’s lingerie. The Rocky Horror Picture Show’s, Dr. Frank N. Furter, was the height of sexy to me at age seven. I would watch that movie over and over. Something about the way his legs looked so long and lean encased in fishnet stockings and the way his torso looked in a sexy corset. I had erotic dreams for years about him.

Before I knew what I was doing, I was masturbating in the shower to the thought of a man in a sexy corset. As the years went by, I developed quite a collection. I had pink, purple, and everything in between. It was my third boyfriend who finally indulged me and put on one of my corsets. Every lover from then on was required to do so.

The day I met my FF, my forever fuck, I had been eyeing a crystal studded purple corset. On my way home from work on that Friday I was going to buy it but it was gone. “A man bought it,” the shop clerk said. I was fuming as I entered the store to ask what had happened to it. But at the thought of a man possibly buying it for himself, I had to immediately squeeze my thighs together. I felt as if the biggest cock I’d ever seen could enter unlubed, I was so wet.

My FF was standing against the DJ booth at my friend’s birthday bash.

I stared at the sharp lines under his tightly pulled shirt. I could see immediately that my man was wearing a corset under his shirt. Then I went over immediately and snuck up behind him. I stood on tip toes at his right ear and whispered, “I want to see what you’re wearing under that suit.”

He straightened up immediately concealing the sharp lines of the corset under his shirt.He turned to take in my long blond hair spilling over my bare shoulders. I was wearing the closest thing to a corset I could while still calling it a dress. He looked me up and down and visibly shuttered. “Did you hear me?” I asked.

“I did.”

“This is my friends’ father’s hotel. The top two rooms are reserved for his daughter and her best friend.” I walked away without looking back.

After pressing the security code into the elevator, I didn’t even let the doors close behind him before I ripped off his shirt. I shuttered back at him as his ripped shirt revealed the purple crystal studded corset I missed buying. He turned me around and ripped the laces of my dress out of their holes.
Pressing me up against the wall he pressed his body against mine. I could feel the stones and boning of his sexy corset and I was so ready for him.

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