Sexy Christmas Present surprises are the absolute best especially when the presents you unwrap are as sexy as I am.

Sexy Christmas Present is what he is getting this year. Lucky for him I will get to be the biggest ho ho ho ever. I am already dressed like Santa’s little helper in my tiny tight, short velvet red and white dress. Stockings and heels, prancing around the house teasing him. I so want him. I am totally so such a good girl! Spiking his hot chocolate and making him be at my mercy. He is finding himself tied up to the bed for an extra special Sexy Christmas Present. My mouth is wrapping around his cock, licking and tasting his sweet candy cane. It is so making my mouth water as he bucks into my mouth, surrendering to my tugs and deep throats. This Christmas I am going to make a lot of magical snowy white sticky warm juice spray so hard out of him!

He promises he will be on the good list and not the naughty one and convinces me to untie him.

Once I unleash this ravenous beast, he wrestles me down onto my back. With his thick stick already trying to slip into my north pole hole! I tell him that he so needs to slow down. I want and need to be like a snowman in lots of his sticky snow. His wet cock is teasing my pink pussy lips as he unwraps me out of this dress. He is exposing my tits and tummy. He is loving this Sexy Christmas Present. His mouth opens as he invites my nipples into his mouth, popping them and getting them wet and shinny. My pussy is teasing his cock in my cunt cum the more he rubs and grinds on my lips and clit. Without too much warning his cock goes right inside of my hole. My pussy is so cumming hard as he thrust deep inside of me.

His candy covered cock is so fucking sticky for my Sexy Christmas Present fuck for him.

He is pumping his rod in and out. This fuck stick pulls out of me and starts to cover my tummy and tits in all of his magic dust. Loads of hot creamy cum squirt right out of his cock hole and covers me. I am so not even bothering to wipe it off since I want even more. Getting in between his legs, I suck on him more. Tasting his leftover marshmallow fluff. This Sexy Christmas Present sex is not even close to being fully unwrapped and covered in sticky cream.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a happy cum explosion!

Sexy Christmas Present unwrapping is so fucking hot. I initially wanted to give him a surprise but it for sure turned into him giving me some Hot Worshipping Sex. Anyways you horny mother fuckers! If you are looking for some creative and taboo phone sex cum fuck me hard. I want to get so dirty with you!

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