Everyone needs a sexy Christmas girlfriend…

After we get home from the long holiday party where I am the perfect sexy Christmas girlfriend, I make us a drink. We sit in front of a fire discussing our day as we enjoy sipping them. Your hand starts to travel up my thigh with purpose. Then, I can see the mischief in your eyes as you do so. I feel my breath quicken and feel my arousal start to build.

While, I listen to you tell me about how rough the day has been and adjust my stockings and smile at you. Your hands reach the top of my skirt and slide down the zipper. I know how much you love to tease me after a very long day. So being the sexy Christmas girlfriend, I make sure that you get a present.

Next, I place our drinks on the coffee table…

Before I can say a word, you roughly put your hand in and pinch my throbbing clit. The harder you pinch, the closer I come to creating a wet mess of myself.
You take your hand away. You have other intentions tonight for your sexy Christmas girlfriend. Slowly you pull my blouse over my head and instruct me to remove my bra and pants so all that remains are my lacy panties.

Then, I sit down on your lap and whisper to you how much I have been wanting your touch all night. I can see that smirk and blush cross your face and I kiss you deeply. Slowly, I trace my hands down your chest and unbutton your shirt kissing my way down. Then I unzip your slacks to see that package that makes me want to be a ho ho ho…

As your sexy Christmas girlfriend, I am there for your every need.

I need no instruction for what you want next. So I take your cock in hand as I suck your balls, sure to give individual attention. I lick my way up and circle the tip playfully with my tongue before taking you in my mouth completely. You reach down and squeeze each breast, giving each nipple a good twist. I love being your sexy Christmas girlfriend and the perfect present. I feel moisture trickling down my thighs.

You have moved your hands to my hair and pull it back as any gentlemen would. I feel the firm pressure on the back of my head while you guide me to how you like it. Being the sexy Christmas girlfriend, I start to suck harder since you have increased the pace. As I caress your balls with my hand and grasp your knee for balance with the other.

Every sexy Christmas girlfriend knows how to please.

The warm, wet feeling is welcome and I hope the visual effect appeals to you.
You pull me to my feet and give my ass a good smack before you take my hand so we can move to the bedroom. You have me wrapped around your finger as I did when I was Santa’s sexy therapist. Do you crave a sexy Christmas girlfriend to help brighten your day? That sweet touch that you need after a hard week at work?

I love to listen and take care of your every need and am one call away…


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