Sexy Car Salesman Gives Lower Sticker Price For This Hot Girl!

Sexy Car Salesman Gives Lower Sticker Price For This Hot Girl by simply walking into the dealership! First of all, I need what I need and I need it NOW! That’s always been the case with me. I have a super large family with six sisters, so haste makes waste. I’m not the type of girl who finds ANY thrill in waiting. Likewise, patience isn’t really my thing. I drive the cutest little, red sports car that I call, Buster. He sleek and sexy, low to the ground with incredible pickup abilities. What’s more, Buster is a classic. He used to belong to my Grand-mere (Grandmother here. lol) and was a gift from her loving husband, my Grand-pere.

If you want to know about sex, romance and how to remain sexy forever, there are multiple couples in my family who can teach! So, I got Buster when Gran-maman (again, less formal and more like grandma, or granny) passed away at nearly one hundred, six years old and wearing her high heel stilettos. She was a fly old lady and still sexy.

So, Buster and I shipped to the states and hit the road.

He’s been all over the United States, but in the last months, he’s been coughing and wheezing a lot. Add to that, I live in a modern metropolis and I need a more dependable mode of transportation. I thought it was time to see if it was true that a Sexy Car Salesman Gives Lower Sticker Price. I’ve often heard they will give all sorts of perks and incentives to sell the vehicles, but also get some hot ass.

I came rolling up in Buster and wouldn’ you know it, he never performed better on the road. Isn’t it always that way? It was like I could hear him crying out, “I’ll be good, Mama! Please don’t trade me in!” Sad.

Sexy Car Salesman Gives Lower Sticker Price to this hot girl!

He saw me the minute my left foot hit the asphalt and little did he know… I saw him too! He did the cool dude thing and stood from behind the messy desk. He ran his dominant hand down his flat stomach and silk tie. I fought the urge to smile and strode like I was on the catwalk, but never looking in his direction.

Before my well-manicured hand hit the glass door, it slowly swung open, carefully avoiding me. I glanced up and tucked a curl behind my ear and smiled at him for being a gentleman.

He ushered me in with a flourish of one hand and the other mock sliding down my back.

He didn’t actually touch me, but the feeling went bone deep. I sat at his desk and immediately HEARD him take in a whiff of my scent. This time, I did smile, but I let it fall off before he made it around his desk to sit. I spoke first telling him about my car and that sadly, I needed to trade him in. He suggested a program they had where you trade in a vehicle and they put it up for auction. You get a pretty decent tax write-off, blah, blah…

But, for special clients, he was making a one-time-only deal. Hahaha. Here we go! Sexy Car Salesman Gives Lower Sticker Price for this hot girl that’s waaaay more than I ever thought I’d get. But, here’s the catch… He wants a blow-job and some pussy. Is that all? I didn’t speak it aloud. Giggle.

I’m willing to give a little to get a LOT!

I came back just as he had asked and set about my work. I slid under his desk (don’t ask… It’s a personal fantasy of his. And since I’m in the fantasy business…) I hiked up my skirt to my waist showing off my fancy La Perla panties. There’s a matching bra, but I hardly ever opt for hiding these luscious tits, Babe! I unsnapped the front of my shirt and with a single glance up at him looking all KINGLY, I took his throbbing cock in my warm, wet mouth and tickled the head.

He wasn’t huge, so I swallowed him whole and let my tongue hang out to swipe his balls like a windshield wiper until he screamed for me to PLEASE stop! He didn’t want to cum too soon. After all, he wasn’t getting a repeat of this deal, unless there was a Mazaratti was involved, even though he did have a King Dong. Heehee

To get the BEST DEAL, I need to leave him squirting air and weak in the knees! Oh, yeah!

I came up from under the desk and swiped across my mouth with the back of my hand in a very sexy way while never breaking our eye contact. I treated him like my lover and he could feel it. My smile was more of a naughty grin that told him his secret was gonna be safe with me. I do it for a living. Anyone can tell you, I give the naughtiest phone sex! Grin.

It took me mere seconds to spread my supple, long legs and put my index finger to my lower teeth and gave him the “take it!” look followed by another of my smiles. We fucked until there she was, my beautiful and fully restored Porche Carrera and he was ALL MINE! As promised, when he tossed me the keys, NO PAYMENTS DUE! hee-hee. I sped off the lot and never looked back!

My specialty? Making men cum HELPLESSLY and against their will and better judgment!

But, don’t get it twisted. I’m cumming with you… if I’m lucky. Besides, days can get long without actually enjoying your work, whatever it is. Right? I like smooth sexy days that fly by on a river of juices, yours and mine. So, what’s stopping us from whiling a warm spring day away under the sheets; or the kitchen counter, or maybe behind a bush in a public park? We can do it all, Baby. The sky is not the limit. We’re only limited by our sensual imaginations. CUM fly with me! I’m Just Joey. I won’t hurt you. Unless you BEG me too! lol.

Sexy Car Salesman Gives Lower Sticker Price