James is super fun and naughty. He introduces me to so many new and fun ways to have sexual fun, like sexy Brazilian kisses. They are sloppy, messy, and so hot.

Before I met him, I had never heard of such things. Not only does it involve tons of messy saliva kisses, but it is also lots of dry humping. And, believe it or not, we cum that way.

We begin like any other couple with normal making out. Soft kisses on the lips. Then, kissing on the neck and biting the earlobes. As we are doing that, we may explore each other’s bodies with our hands.

We take our time with sexy Brazilian kisses and the fun we are having.

In fact, it is a slow love-making process. We are in no hurry. Slowly, the arousal starts to take over us. The kisses become wetter. Not only wetter, but longer and messier.

Soon, we start gyrating on each other as we kiss deeply. Again, this is a slow and steady progression. Neither of us is in a hurry. We are not rushing our climax.

With our sexy Brazilian kisses, we are enjoying each other completely. Rubbing our bodies against each other. Kissing with messy abandon. Not caring about the saliva running down our chins.

James has full, luscious lips too.

Making our fun even more amazing. He is a gifted kisser when it comes to the everyday kiss. When it is this wild, messy version, he is an expert at it, and he makes my pussy so wet.

We explore each other during our sexy Brazilian kisses. As we do this with our hands, we are dry humping with our lower bodies. Additionally, my pussy juice is leaking through my clothes. His cock is leaking precum through his pants as well.

He is turning me on so much. My shirt is drenched with our saliva from the messy kissing. It is so wet, and it is sticking to my body. James has amazing music playing as we lay on his bed making out.

He is burning some type of incense that seems to add to my arousal.

The smell is absolutely intoxicating, as is his body and the smell of his clothes. Of course, his shirt is drenched too from our sexy Brazilian kisses. Neither of us cares.

If anything, it is adding to the sensuality of the moment. We continue with our sloppy kisses, hands exploring, and start amping up our humping. Both of us are getting more and more turned on.

James moves my wet shirt to kiss down my chest and suck on my nipples. Oh, that feels so good. As he is doing that, I feel his rigid cock rubbing against my leg.

Our sexy Brazilian kisses are getting more intense now.

I wrap my legs around his leg so I can rub my pussy on him. He is grinding his rod against me as he is sucking on my tit. The two of us are moaning loudly as we dry hump each other.

Soon, we can no longer hold out and cum hard. It is a huge climax, and we fall back on the bed, exhausted and sweating. Wow, what a rush.

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