College Sluts

My sister and I share everything. We even shared my mother’s womb! Throughout high school, we were very popular with the boys. Who doesn’t love a pair of sexy blonde twins? After high school, we still stayed by each other’s side and really expanded our sexual horizons. My sister and I could be classified as your stereotypical naughty college girls! If one of us found a guy, the other would join in and give him double the fun! Our biggest achievement would be to fuck the dean! Not only do we want to fuck him, but we also want to be impregnated by him!

Let’s Fuck The Dean!

It started as a joke. My sister and I had plowed through the jocks, the brainiacs, the normals, and half the campus staff. The one man who we thought would be the hardest to nail down, turned out to be the hottest and most generous man we have ever been with. I went into his office first and pretended to be interested in his secretary position. When his eyes began to wander, I realized that he wasn’t going to be a hard target at all. Then I mentioned my sister and how she could use a job as well. He would have two sexy blonde twins for his secretaries and we would do whatever it took to keep him happy.

Sexy Blonde Twins

My sister came into the room when she heard me talking about her. She very sneakily locked the door behind her and came over to his desk. With the two of us sitting across him, the dean began his interview questions. Our favorite was when he asked about our “oral skills.”  My sister and I stood up and walked over to his side of the desk. I stood behind him with my hands massaging his shoulders. My sister stood in front and started to rub against his thighs. Then, we told him that he would like the answer more if we could just show him instead.

Oral Presentation

My sister started to unzip his pants as the dean let out a deep breath. I could tell that he has definitely fantasized about banging two sexy blonde twins before because his cock popped right out of his boxers. There was no hesitation from anyone in the room. Then my sister started to lick his cock as I pulled him in for a kiss. Our tongues flicked against each other as hers flicked against his tip. She sucked him deep into her mouth as I whispered into his ear.
“Did we get the job? Let’s seal the deal! Pour a hot load into each of our tight college pussies and we will please your cock like this any time you want!”

Fill Us With Your Cum!

Then, my sister quickly pulled down her panties and climbed on top of the dean. She pulled his cock straight up to her pussy and started to ease down onto him. Her tight lips gripped him as she started to bounce up and down. Then, I reached out and pulled down her top, revealing her small perky tits. The dean was in a trance as he watched them bounce. Then after only a few minutes, he shot his hot load of sperm deep inside of her as her pussy juices ran down his cock and balls.

Employed and Impregnated!

As soon as she climbed off of him, I hurried to lick him clean and keep him hard. My sister sat on his desk and spread herself wide so that he could look at his cummy mess. Then, I climbed on top of him to get his next load of hot jizz in my ovulating pussy. I pumped him deep and hard as he stared down my sister’s legs. When I started to cum, my walls gripped his cock and milked his sperm inside of me. Then I said, “Thank you for hiring us on, and thank you extra for getting us pregnant! Your sexy blonde twins will be back for work tomorrow!”

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