It’s almost that time of year again and I have a sexy anniversary surprise for my husband!

I have planned a sexy anniversary surprise for my adorable and loving husband. I can’t believe that time is almost here again. My husband has been a good boy, usually very well behaved. He has always gone along with what I want. So, now I want to give him the fantasy that he desires. There have been many days when he would play the humble foot slave, massaging and worshiping my tired feet when I would come home after a long day at the office. For a guy who has never practiced massage before, I would say he is pretty darn good with his hands… and his mouth.

I don’t want to do the same thing couples usually do like wine, dine, and fuck. Though, that does sound like a great start to a sexy night of fun. I can imagine my sexy anniversary surprise to play out in so many different ways, I just don’t know where to start.

Here’s how I imagine this sexy anniversary surprise to go…

After a long day of work, he’ll meet me at home and immediately kneel down and lick and massage my beautiful feet. My loving husband will present me with flowers and perhaps a special present to open in front of him. What could possibly be in there? I will open the beautifully wrapped present and it will be expensive sexy lacy lingerie in his favorite color, red.

I will smile and tell him I’ll go get dressed in the bedroom and then come back to show him. Upon entering the bedroom I will see shoes laid out on the bed along with some sexy stockings. Then, I will dress in the red lingerie, stockings, and heels that he picked out for me. I will look in the mirror and turn about to admire my hips, hard nipples, and long legs.

Wait until you see what happens next!

After admiring myself in the mirror I walk out to the living room. My husband will then be patiently waiting with three of his co-workers. Now it’s time to give my husband the present that deserves. I will try to cover myself up, suddenly feeling shy, nervous, and embarrassed. One of them will come up to me and tell me not to cover my beautiful body. Next, he will kiss me slowly and passionately. His lips tingle my skin and I instantly feel my pussy burning with desire. His hands roam down my chest and between my legs. My pussy is already so wet.

Suddenly, the second guy comes up from behind me and starts to kiss my back and fondle my ass. I can’t stop a moan from escaping my soft lips. Two pairs of lips and hands on me at the same time is enough to drive me insane. Then, the third co-worker approaches kneels before me, and starts licking my whole body from the waist down.

Let’s bring this to the bedroom!

One of the guys will then pick me up and take me to the bedroom. I feel so light in his arms. He will lay me on the bed and start to kiss me. Soon the other two will join us and all I will be able to feel are lips kissing, licking, and nibbling all over my body. Out of the corner of my eyes, I will see my husband jerking his cock, watching. I will then feel a cock press against my lips, so I naturally will take it into my mouth and down my throat.

All three cocks will get sucked, stroked, and all three will pound into all of my slutty holes. The entire time, my body, feels like it’s to burst from sheer pleasure. All the while my husband watches and jacks off in the corner, enjoying his sexy anniversary surprise.

I think I’m going to be my husband’s sexy anniversary surprise!  What do you think will happen next?

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