Who doesn’t love a man with a sexy accent?

Hearing a sexy accent has always turned me on! But, I have been with my boyfriend for many years and have never been unfaithful to him in all that time. Our relationship had started to get boring and that fire that once burned between us had been extinguished by everyday routines and life responsibilities. I was out running errands at the local grocery store where a ton of construction was going on. I noticed a man out front wearing a hard hat. He was barking orders and pushing a team of construction workers to get some work done! He had a swagger and attitude that was different from men in the area. As I got closer I could hear his New York accent that immediately sent a jolt straight to my pussy! I walked my shopping cart past him with the dirtiest of thoughts racing thru my head.

Then I walked through the store as quickly as I could picking up the few things I needed. I couldn’t’ wait to see if the new guy in town was still there. When I walked out to the parking lot and no longer saw him disappointment set in. The sexy accent that I so badly yearned to hear was no longer around. I got to my car and put my groceries in the trunk. I slammed the trunk closed and looked up to find the mystery man standing right in front of me. He was on the phone talking aggressively and I couldn’t help staring. I was transfixed and couldn’t help but to watch his every move. Climbing into my car I just sat there listening to his sexy accent. The juices starting to flow out of my pussy as his voice drifted in through my slightly cracked window. I slid my hand down the front of my athletic shorts and found that my pussy had become a dripping mess and I had only one man on my mind.

I turned the key in the ignition to only realize that I left my lights on while I was shopping and it drained my battery. Then I got out of the car to go back inside the store and found the new guy in town was now next to me asking if I needed a hand. I couldn’t resist flirting with him. His sexy accent already had my pussy wet as fuck I might as well get some flirting in too. He told me my battery was totally dead and would not take a jump. At that point all I wanted was for him to jump me! He offered me a ride home in his truck and I nervously accepted. I hopped in hoping that this ride would never end.

As we drove out of the parking lot he introduced himself as Dominick. He said he was from New York out here on business. I told him I loved his accent and was so thankful for the ride. I asked if there was anything I could do for him while he was in town and his answer fulfilled my darkest desires. He looked at me with this devilish look that turned me on like crazy. I found out that his confidence was not an act as he pulled his throbbing, thick, 9″ cock out right in front of me.

He never said a word as he placed his hand behind my head and lowered me down on his cock. I wanted to suck his dick so badly and no longer cared that I didn’t know him! I wrapped my lips around my teeth and pulled the skin of his cock nice and tight around the base. So I jerked his dick relentlessly into my mouth. I could feel his strong hands tighten on the back of my neck as he started to bob my head up and down on his throbbing dick!  As we pulled onto my block he started to thrust into my mouth.

There was no stopping as he exploded his hot cum down my throat. I continued stroking his dick with the head of it still in my mouth. I wanted to milk out every drop. Then I lifted my head from his lap just as we pulled up to my house. He put his cock away and gave me a little wink. Using his thumb he wiped the one small drop of cum from my lip that I had didn’t swallow. He said he was going to be in town for a few weeks and could really use some company now and then. His sexy accent made my panties flood even more. I shot him a smile and got out of the car.

I walked into my house and saw that my boyfriend was making dinner. Little did he know I just had the only meal I wanted today! I knew damn well that Dominick and I would be crossing paths again! I couldn’t wait to hear that sexy accent again! I’m pretty sure my boyfriend might wonder why I was making some many trips to the grocery store in the next few weeks but fuck it! There was no resisting that extremely confident man from New York with an accent that made every nerve in my body stand on alert! Give me a call and tell me your cheating tales and I’ll share with you more of my affair with Dominick.

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke