Sexxxy School Girl Wants to Hook up With You

I want to be your naughty school girl. I’ve always been a little naughty. For as long as I can remember. I lost my virginity at 14 but I know I’d seen and touched a cock before that. So I can be your age-play queen;). A naughty little school girl of any age you’d like.

Why don’t you take me out in your car. We can find a quiet spot. I’ll wear my uniform. I’ll wear pigtails. You’re going to love it. I’m so naughty;) and I can’t wait to be naughty with you. Curious Miss Mia is your sweet young play thing.

Let’s crawl into the back seat and steam up those windows. You can sit in the middle and I’ll sit on your lap. Kiss me and tell me how cute and pretty I am. Run your fingers through my pigtails. Maybe you’ll even give them a little tug. My knee socks and skirt are perfect, aren’t they? They really complete your fantasy.

I turn and straddle you.

My pink cotton panties rub against your crotch and I can feel how hard you’re getting. You pull down my tank top and kiss my sweet little nipples. I moan softly and my pussy starts to get wet, soaking my cotton panties. I can’t help but wiggle my hips around. Need that friction. Our bodies are pressed so tight together and we are kissing so much my lips are going to get raw.

What do you think we should do next? Am I a virgin? Are you going to pop my sweet little cherry in the back of this car? Your sweet school girl ripe and ready for the taking. Wet and ready for some heavy petting, some oral fucking, my pussy, and ass are all yours baby. I’m the perfect little school girl.

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