Sexually Frustrated Uncle can barely handle niece staying for the weekend

My sexually frustrated Uncle was going a little crazy with me staying at their house. So I needed to get away from the city and my aunt seemed like she needed company. I showed up, tired but happy to see some family.

I had no idea that they were having problems. They always seemed so happy. I found out that my uncle was sleeping on the couch. My aunt asked is I minded sleeping in her bed.  It all seemed a little weird. My uncle seemed nervous around me. He would brush up against me and comment how great I looked, and then he would look away. We always got along, but now things were just a bit awkward.

I was pretty tired after my long bus ride. I asked my aunt if I could take a nap. So I took my jeans off and I laid down on their soft king sized. It was so fucking comfortable. I must have fallen asleep pretty fast.

I didn’t hear my uncle standing at the door looking in. When I started to wake up when I heard some rustling. I thought it might be their dog, coming to see me. I looked toward the door and saw a shadow. Could hear some kind of movement. Then I realized it was my uncle, and I figured he was watching my ass in my red panties. He still didn’t know that I was awake. I decided to help him out a bit. I spread my legs open a bit.

Heard him jerking his cock faster and his breath got deeper.

Then I rolled over, still pretending to be asleep. I made sure he could see my wet panties and my tits through my tank top. I heard him moan when he came. He quickly wiped up his cum off the floor and disappeared. I am glad I could help him with his temporary sexual frustration!

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