An obscene sexual hallucination.

I was barefoot, wearing a pale pink sheer fairy dress. The concrete was wet, and the air was dank as I walked down this long hall with doors on each side. My hand shook as I reached for the pearl handle. I held my breath, turning the knob. It was as if I opened the door to another sexual realm.

I was outside, beside a large oak tree and a tire swing hung from the largest branch. A young redhead sat on a picnic blanket with her father. She hugged and kissed him admiringly. She plopped herself on his lap. I smiled at how vivid their love was. I watched as she wrapped her arms around his neck, and the look on his face began to change from one of love, as she smiled, staring into his eyes her body bouncing against him. He lifted her away from him & scorned her, before heading back toward the house. I swear she looked at me, with tear-filled eyes. I closed the door and took a deep breath.

In front of me was another door. Do I dare?

I turned the knob. The room was pink with the exception of the white canopy bed. “This is familiar,” I thought to myself. I watched as a girl lay on her bed, coloring books and crayons all around her. A Mountain of stuffed furry friends on her beautiful pink chenille bedspread. She grabbed her teddy, and kissed him. She got up looked outside her door and quietly shut it. Her teddy lying motionless on her bed. She crawled from the bottom of the bed atop the teddy. She grabbed his fuzzy arms and began making him touch her in her naughty places.. Her Tiny body rocked back and forth on him. Her face turned to look at me. I opened the door and quickly shut it behind me, hearing the last notes of her wicked little giggle.

Was I in a dream? I was hallucinating, right? This was a sexual hallucination.

The next 3 doors were just like the previous 2. The first opened to a dark alley. A strung-out girl was giving a blowjob in the alleyway. His hands behind her head, forcing his member violently down her throat. She gurgled, choked, and gasped for air. Her mascara stained her cheeks as she wiped the cum remnants from her lipstick-smeared lips, and put the money in her pocket. She snatched her purse from the Trash littered ground, looked coldly into my eyes, spit, and ran from the alley.

The second led me to a smoke-filled club, loud music boomed in my ears. Naked flesh everywhere. Then a spotlight drew to the stage, and redhead and brunette stepped out on stripper platforms on the stage. Their bodies move and match the bass rhythm. They began kissing and undressing each other in front of the crowd, who were throwing singles on stage. 2 naked bodies were displayed on stage. The redhead dove between the brunette’s legs, licking and lapping at her. Looking through the crowd, with her mouthful of the sexy brunette’s cunt, she managed a small wave.

I slammed the door behind me. My breath is quick and I panicked. Was I hallucinating? This was all so familiar. Was this really a sexual hallucination?

Door #3, led me to a party. I saw a couple kissing and holding hands, saying goodbye, clearly in love. The girl leaves. I’m standing there watching as this long-haired, trench coat-clad man, sitting on a sofa playing the bass. A few people were in the house with him. A Knock at the door, and another girl enters. She excitedly runs to the long-haired man, embracing him… taking him by the hand, and leading him to the bedroom. I follow them.

The 2 are naked and passionately fucking. His hands run along each crease in her body. His cock plunged inside her. I turn to walk from the bedroom to leave, and I see the girl- the redhead- staring at the 2 secret lovers through a crack in the door. Her eyes wet with tears, and she screams startling the 2 lovers. Disgust fills her face, and regret falls over theirs. She looks at me and shakes her head.

My heart breaks for her. I slam the door behind me and fall to my knees crying. I know what that feels like. My bare feet are stung by the chill of the floor. I stand, wipe my cheeks and see there is one door remaining. It’s painted red…

I open it.

I see a house in the country, I walk down a path and right up to the front door, which is ajar. Then I walk in. The house is quiet. I go from room to room. No one here.

I enter the bedroom, and a redhead is sleeping. Then I walked to her bedside, she has been through so much, and still, she’s here. I look at her face.

I realize She me.

So I touch her, every part of her. She shifts and smiles and coos in her sleep. She responds to my touch. I can feel that SEX is what has always driven her. She craves it, she needs it. It is no longer a want, but a need- to THRIVE.

Sexual Hallucination?


Reliving my life? maybe

Care to face your Demons?

Let go of all your inhibitions….

Whisper all your dirty secrets…

in my ear.

I’m right here ready for Hot Phone Sex

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