Sexual Hallucination #2: No Rubber in the Rubber room pt. 1

Sexual Hallucination #2: So By now you know I like the darker side of sex. I like the deranged and depraved. Often my sexual fantasies send my libido into over drive and I wind up having some wild bizarre crazy sex dream. I like to refer to these sex dreams as sexual hallucinations. *giggles* No, therapy hasn’t worked, but my therapist says that the best way to deal with my sexual hallucinations is to write about them. Thank GOD, I work for a company ( that allows me to do so, and welcomes my special perversions.

I awoke bound to a bed, the sound of muffled screams stirring me from another room. I tugged at the bound and realized my left arm was free. Then I reached for the belt strapped to my right arm and undid it. So I was in a white room, with blinding flourescent lights, barefoot, in a white cotton gown. I got up off of the bed and walked over to the heavy metal door with the rectangular windoow and peeked outside.

No one was in the hall.

I pulled at the door handle. Surprisingly it opened. M feet were cold on the bare floor, it was hard and made of concrete. I started to slowly make my way down the hall when a man in a long white coat began walking toward me. He acted as if he didn’t see me at first, and I began to feel invisible. I stared at the man with gnawing intent, asking myself over and over again if he saw me. As the man in the white coat met me, he stopped me and I felt a sharp stick in my arm.

I quickly discovered it was a sedative..

The series of events that followed were that of a tortourous, deranged fantasy. What better way to describe it than a sexual hallucination.

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