Sexual Hallucination: No Rubber in the Rubber Room BREEDING Time

He wheeled a special chair into the padded room. Before I knew it I was gagged and my bare feet were being strapped into the stirrups. I was still bound by the straight jacket, watching the Doctors every move. The Doctor Began to explain in his smug roundabout way what his intentions were with me. ” You know Anna, we house so many here at the sanitarium, there is actually no way of keeping an eye on every single resident, you wouldn’t believe how many patients are caught fucking each other…. and how many of our female patients end up pregnant.” He smiled admiring his work. Holes had been cut into the front of the jacket to give access to my tits, and my legs spread wide bound by the stirrups. ” It’s breeding time, Anna”

He took wide rubber bands ( the kind they use before they give you an IV) and tied my tits. My boobs were swollen and red fighting against the pull of the bands. He pinched and flicked my nipples hard, enjoying my squeaks and squeals of pain. He used IV clamps, and placed them on my hard red nipples, my breasts looked as if they would burst. Then he squeezed as he placed them, smiling as the tears flowed down from the outer corners of my eyes into my hairline. ” Aww, Sweetheart Don’t Cry… we haven’t even begun the breeding yet.”

I tried to move my legs, but my bounds restrained me.

I knew the only thing I could do was give in. He moved down standing in between my long restricted legs, caressing them. He pushed my knees, forcing my legs wide open. I screamed into the gag. ” My, what a beautiful cunt” He touched and poked and prodded rather roughly. I felt his fingers enter me, stretching me. My body was betraying me as I grew wetter by the second. As the good Doctor took notice, he smiled staring down at my sloppy wet cunt. ” Anna, I was beginning to think you weren’t going to enjoy this, but now I see that you may be a very good specimen for breeding”

I shook my head saying no-no-no into my gag. My requests were ignored. I stared as he dropped his pants, and lifted his shirt, rubbing his throbbing cock against my wetness. He watched my face as he fed his hard cock into me. I winced as he wasn’t gentle, his thrusts were hard and rapid. He yelled for me to cum on his cock as our bodies slapped together. He went from pinching my pained nipples to pinching my swollen clit, commanding me to cum. My body’s betrayal was fully formed as I succumbed to orgasm, shuttering and convulsing on his cock. The good doctor dug deep into me.

He was going to fill me, and that’s when I felt it. His manhood began breeding me, flooding into me.

While still inside me he said, ” A very good specimen for breeding, indeed.”

He removed the gag to kiss me, adjusting himself inside me. Us marinating.

” If you decide to tell anyone, Anna, just remember where you are… no one will believe you”


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