Let’s explore some sexual fetishes!

Everyone has some sexual fetishes, don’t they? They make everything more fun and add some variety! One of my favorite fetishes is pegging. If you don’t know what pegging is, it’s when a woman puts on a strap on-or if she’s trans, uses her own dick-and fucks her male partner.

My preference is a big, purple strap on. It’s about 6″, so not too big for someone who isn’t used to getting fucked, but still fun for someone who is.

The best thing about pegging is being in charge. I will make you get on your knees and suck my big cock until I’m ready to fuck you. And you’ll like it, won’t you?

Once you’ve gotten my cock nice and lubed up, your spit dripping from it, it’s time for you to bend over.  I rip your underwear and pants off and slide my cock along the split in your ass.  The head of my cock teases your little boy pussy as I slide it around your tight little hole.

You tense up as I slide my big, purple cock inside you.

I grab your hips and move it in a little deeper. As I begin to pull back out, you stop me and tell me to fuck you. I grin and push my cock inside you until my hips are touching your ass.

You moan as I start to really get going. I can see you start to relax as you really start enjoying my big dick fucking you. The moans get louder and I spit on my cock to add a little more lube. I reach around and start to stroke your cock as I fuck you. You are rock hard.

As I move inside you nice and deep, I stroke your cock up and as I move out, I stroke it down. It does not take long for you to cum everywhere.

Because sexual fetishes are fun!

Did you just think “Hey, that is my fetish”?

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