Sexual Fetishes: Fulfilling My Lover’s And His Boss’s Desires

I knew, whatever they were, I’d feel comfortable enough with him that we could try it. I had already told him all my sexual fetishes since I was much more open sexually than he was and we fulfilled many of mine.  Couldn’t wait to fill his desires. Little did I know one of his sexual fetishes would get him a bonus.

I remember the first time I met Jonathan, Cody’s boss, at last year’s Christmas party. He was younger than I thought he would be. In his early 40s with a great body, perfectly styled hair with just a hint of grey. We hit it off immediately. He was intimidating but easy to like. I could see why Cody looked up to him.

We were at this year’s company Christmas party I was on the food side of the venue, Cody came up from behind me and nuzzled my neck, wrapping his arms around me like he always does, pressing his hips into me in a way that made me glad it was almost time for us to be alone. “Tonight’s going really well, don’t you think?” He asked me. “Yeah, babe. Of course.”

Cody began to ask me if I found Jonathan attractive?

“Well, yeah. Sure. He’s a very attractive man.” I am always able to be completely honest with Cody. and honestly, I had thought about Jonathan. What young woman doesn’t fantasize about a powerful, confident, in charge man in her life? “Yeah, I think he’s sexy, honestly,” I told Cody.”

“Interesting,” Cody said with a smirk on his face. “That’s really interesting.” I teased him and asked if he was jealous and surprisingly he said, “Not at all actually. I think it’s kind of hot.” He leaned into my neck, whispering, “Remember when you asked me if I had any special fantasies?”

And then I knew where he was going with this. I instantly got an overwhelming feeling of being turned on. I started to wonder what other sexual fetishes my lover had hidden up his sleeve. Cody was saying that not only was my little crush okay, that it turned him on to think about his boss and me being together. “I want Jonathan to fuck you. And I want to watch.” I looked at him and smiled. “Okay,” I said.

As I turned around and headed towards Jonathan Jake slapped me on my ass. “Good girl.”

Jonathan was standing by the bar finishing a glass of wine when we came back in the room. Jonathan already knew this was going to happen. They’d cooked up this scheme over after-work drinks, to be sure. The idea excited me, that they’d spent a few hours over a couple whiskeys talking about me, trying to figure out how to get Jonathan in my pants.

We approached Jonathan and Cody leaned in and whispered something in his ear. Then Cody grabbed my hand and we darted out of the banquet room with Jonathan and up the stairs to a quiet office. Jonathan sat down on the desk and I seductively moved towards him as Cody took his place in the chair on the side of the room. It made me feel sexy and confident that his boss found me so attractive to devise this plan.

In a movement so quick I didn’t immediately register what was happening, he had pulled me on top of him, slid his hands into my panties, and wrapped his lips around my neck, kissing me greedily. I gasped into his ear as I felt his hands, stimulate all the right places inside of me.

I lifted my head and kissed Jonathan on the mouth.

He tasted like wine and his tongue sent waves over my body. I thought of all the times I’d seen him and thought about what a sexy older man he was and now this was finally happening, and with Cody’s blessing!

Jonathan pulled my panties down and slid his cock deep inside me. He was larger than I anticipated and much larger than Cody so I let out a surprised moan. “Cody is a very good employee,” Jonathan said, his voice lower and hoarser than usual. “I’ll make sure he gets an extra bonus this year for letting me fuck his girl’s tight little pussy.”

I looked over at Cody, he looked barely able to control himself. Jonathan had me sprawled out on the desk and was laying over me, fucking me, staring at me as if he couldn’t believe his luck. I felt like a goddess. While he fucked me, he pulled the hand that had been inside me up over my face and smeared the warm juices on my lips. This must have been one of his sexual fetishes so obligingly I opened my mouth and tasted myself on him, swirling my tongue around each of his fingers.

It definitely worked and got him super excited.

His speed increased, he was losing it. “I’m going to cum inside your girl,” he announced to Cody. I felt myself tightening around Jonathan, so full of pleasure, not only from his cock and the skill with which he laid into me but from the forbidden feeling of fucking my lover’s boss in front of him, of doing something so deliciously bad.

When he came, I felt it deep inside me. I loved it, my body instantly became overwhelmed with waves of ecstasy. I was desired not only by my luscious man but by his incredibly sexy boss as well. Couldn’t wait to discover my man’s other sexual fetishes.

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