Cum have a Sexual Fantasy with me?

Have you ever gone to bed and thought someone was in your room with you?  But you know that physically no one is there! Having a bit of Indian Summer, what a night for a Sexual Fantasy, so I leave my bedroom windows open.  I lie in bed and I feel my sheet start to lift away from my body.  The wind was not blowing when I came to bed.  Then I feel a cool sensation against my cheek, almost like I was being kissed.  And then more of the cool sensation up and down my body.  Almost as if someone had laid down next to me.  Something runs up my arm, like a hand moving from my elbow up to my shoulder.  And the ending with a brush of fingertips against my cheek.

From the light of the full moon, I can see just an outline of a figure, almost transparent,  but very alluring.  I couldn’t speak,  but I didn’t feel any danger.

I wonder if I’m getting ready to be taken by a ghost.  It would be a huge sexual fantasy cum true for me.

The image is sexually arousing me.  It makes my pussy become wet and my nipples have never been so hard and sensitive.

Something seems to be slipping in between my legs and making me spread my legs apart.  The cool sensation is absolutely wonderful, as I feel something run down the slit of my pussy.  It feels like the head of a nice hard cock.

What seems to be the face comes closer to my face and seems to be kissing me while starting to push the cock into my pussy.  I can’t describe the way it feels.  It’s like warm and cool at the same time.  Then the feeling of it going in and out was making me go crazy.  And it didn’t take very long to make me cum.

Call me and I’ll finish the Ghostly Sexual Fantasy!

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