A Couples Ministry Retreat Full Of Sexual Enlightenment

After my valentine’s day encounter with my husbands trustee students he signed out to do Landscaping chores around the church. My husband was suspicious, because my pussy was wet. Entering our bedroom, as I walked out of our master suite bathroom. I thought he accepted my explanation of being excited about our valentines evening activities. Obviously he still had reservations of why my pussy was so soaked. After laying me on the bed and sucking my clit, he never really penetrated my pussy deep with his fingers. If he had, he would realize, my pussy was not just wet, but filled deep inside with cum. If he would have fingered my ass, which he would never do, because he is such a straight-laced prude when it comes to sex, he would have felt Jesus’s cum deep in my ass.

After sucking on my clit briefly, he got up, and said we will finish this later this evening. As I mentioned, my father in-law had returned to the house with my husband. He was sitting at the kitchen counter drinking a beer when my husband and I walked in. I still had my hair wrapped with a towel, and my robe on. My husband said, “I am going to see how much work the guys got done”, ” I have to bring them back to the jail in about an hour”. He walked out the dining room door onto the patio, where the guts were still “eating lunch”. I know that had built up quite the appetite, after that pounding.

After my husband walked out, I was pouring myself a glass of wine. That’s when my father came up behind me putting his hand inside the front of my robe. He said “my son is such a blind fool, to how much of a slut his wife is”. He then took his foot placed it between my feet, and used it to spread my legs apart while he buried two fingers deep inside my pussy, and pulled them out dripping with cum. Then this twisted freak sucks the cum off his fingers and makes some nasty loud grunt. Then he takes the same two fingers and slides them into my ass. Once again removes two fingers soaked with Jesus’s cum and say’s it’s your turn and brought his fingers up to my mouth, and said suck your lovers cum off my fingers slut.

“Let’s go get what you need from the hardware store, the guys are almost finished”, my husband said, coming through the cart port. I have to hurry and get back to bring them back to the jail. My father in-law opened the refrigerator real quick getting a beer, which hid me so I could straighten my robe. Mt father in-law said “well let’s go”, and they walked out. My husband returns after bringing the guys back to the jail, and says, Sunday starts the big southern region ministry retreat in Columbus, and I think you should come with me. When we first started dating, and the first couple of years we were married, I went to almost every ministry retreat with him, but as time went on they became more frequent. To be continued…..

Harlot Hanna