Sexual Desire Fulfilled with Bliss Through a Deeper Breath

My sexual desire was fulfilled through the gateway of tantra. The first time I heard anything about tantric sex was 20 years ago.  Oprah was interview Sting and his wife on her show.  He said that tantra was the gateway to pure bliss.  I still remember the look that he and his wife exchanged.  It made my pussy tingle, and I knew that someday I wanted to know what that look meant. I found myself taken by my desire to know more.  So, I began studying tantra many years ago to find it.  And, guess what?  I not only discovered what that look meant but I’ve also made it the basis of how I live my life.  Both in the bedroom and out of it.

As I sat down in front of my chosen partner in tantra class, I felt a little tingle of excitement ripple through my body.  Our teacher instructed us to look into each other’s eyes as we took turns undressing our partners.  My partner, Rob smiled into my eyes as he slowly slid my blouse down.  My nipples tightened as his fingers brushed against them to remove my bra.  Then he moved to my skirt and panties.  By the time it was my turn to undress him my entire body was buzzing as I gazed into his eyes.  Of course, I found myself taken by my desire that was pulsing from the depth of my aching cunt. A sexual desire fulfilled is truly intoxicating.

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The instructor directed us to position for the next exercise in Yab Yum.  The Hindu term Yab Yum refers to a tantric practice that fully aligns erotic energy with a partner.  Rob sat with his legs crossed and then I straddled his lap.  From that position, we wrapped our legs around each other’s bodies.  I felt his cock sliding close against my soaking wet pussy as Rob pulled me closer with his arms.

The words Yab Yum represents the union of opposites, like the male and female forces of yin and yang.  This position allowed us to look directly into each other’s eyes, aligned our erotic energy and gave us effortless access to each other’s bodies.  As our eyes locked in erotic and energetic foreplay, I once again found myself taken by my desire to go deeper.

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Rob filled his hands with my ass while rocking his cock against my pussy.  I slid my hand between us to his rock hard cock.  As I rubbed his swollen cock against my clit, I found myself moaning in deep pleasure.

I longed for his cock deep in my cunt, but penetration was not allowed in this exercise.  I looked into Rob’s eyes as we listened together. We synchronize our breathing.  Rob’s hot breath moved into my mouth, and it felt as though his cock was penetrating my entire being.

As we rolled hips against each other, I could feel myself begin to shake with the beginnings of an orgasm.  Breathing deep into Rob’s mouth I felt his cock rubbing against my clit.  Suddenly I felt his finger penetrate my ass just slightly.  An explosive orgasm rippled through my body as I felt the rush of Rob’s hot juice against my belly.  And even though my cunt was empty, it felt as though Rob’s cock was shoved deep into my body.  Just when I thought I couldn’t take anymore, I screamed as another hot orgasm rippled through my entire being.

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