Sexual conquest, CHECK!

Sexual conquest with my son’s best friend put another notch on the headboard.  Sometimes those naughty thoughts that run rampant in your head just can’t be helped. That delicious young body has always gotten the juices following for mommy Roxy. Tight tee shirts showing off his physique was sometimes more than my heart could take. Not sure if Brian even knows how wet he makes this pussy.  Sneaking off to the bedroom, eyes closed, seeing images of him flashing through my mind. Masturbating over and over again. I want him!

After laying in bed masturbating for over an hour, I emerged. Seeking that face and body that sets Roxy’s loins on fire. I found him stretched out on the couch watching TV. Putting my hands on the arm of the couch leaning forward, I smiled down at him. With no one else around I made my move. Kneeling down beside that sexy young body my fingers started to caress him. Nuzzling into Brian’s neck, kissing softly. My tongue wandering up to his ear where those words were whispered. Hearing moans escape those parted lips only confirmed that this was going to happen.


Unbuttoning and pulling down those pants, releasing the cock I’d been waiting to take. The anticipation was so arousing. On the verge of having a spontaneous orgasm, I straddled his leg. Thrusting my hips and grinding into him becoming even more aroused. In fact, I felt wetness start to soak my white sheer panties.  Grabbing that cock, it disappeared into my mouth. Letting my tongue slither around it like a serpent playing with it’s prey.  No doubt in my mind now, fucking him would be so sweet.

Loving the teasing and foreplay, every move I made was indeed calculated. I wanted him to remember every touch, every lick, every erotic sensation that I would send through his body.  Because each touch was deliberate, Brian’s erogenous zones were exposed. Therefore allowing me to focus on those! Leaning forward, biting his lower lip lightly I whispered, ‘Are you ready? Because I am’. And he finally shook his head and I began my sexual conquest.

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