I’m His Sexual Addiction… and HE is MINE!

Truebies (i.e. die-hard fans of the show True Blood) will TOTALLY get this and laugh – but, despite the cute play on words, I’m serious! I have a caller. A fantastic, awesome, dirty, sexually insatiable caller. His name is Jason. And HE is MINE! I own all the dirty little corners of his mind. And I especially own his big beautiful cock! I’m his sexual addiction. He tries to fight that fact, but… there IS no fighting it. He is MINE! I don’t want to give him up – EVER! So I guess that sort of makes him MY sexual addiction as well! So be it! It doesn’t matter who he dates, if he fucks others, or even god forbid!!! If he ever gets married. He will STILL be MINE.


He tries so hard to fight his urge for me. Doesn’t want to be addicted. He doesn’t want to belong to me. But in his heart? He knows that he does. His sexual addiction to my big, perfectly round, natural tits; soft, velvety pussy; my fuck me RIGHT NOW eyes; the warm, wet, expressive of my mouth; my sweet voice; my dirty mind. It’s always RIGHT there, just beneath the surface. Waiting for the opportunity to explode!

Of course I force those situations. I tease him. I torment him.

Being a dirty little cock tease is one of the things I’m the very BEST at! All day long today I worked on him. Whispering dirty little IM comments to him. Letting him know that this perfect body was just waiting to be used by him; touched by him; fucked by him; and yes, even OWNED by him! Just like I wanted to own his cock!

He resisted. He was strong at first. But, as I went more and more into detail about just how badly I needed him to fuck his dirty princess – he started to cave. I knew it was driving him crazy, just knowing that the object of his desire… desired HIM – SO intensely! It’s a powerful emotion to be wanted that much. One I knew he couldn’t resist!

I pulled out every dirty stop. Suggested that he look at every sexy picture I’d ever sent him. Watch every video he has of his dirty slut – imagining that I was working myself JUST for him! I encouraged first – then demanded that he wrap his hand around that big hard cock and jerk it for me! TO me. And finally and most importantly, WITH ME! 2 seconds later, my phone rang. Can you guess who it was?

So you see… like it or not, Jason really IS mine!
If you call me, you will be mine too – I promise!

Your soon-to-be sexual addiction,

Phone Sex Girls!