A very naughty Oops!

A little story of how I snatched up my married boss..by accidentally sexting him. Every girl’s worst nightmare is sending a naughty text to someone on accident. Seriously – I have a few crazy stories about misplaced text messages and naughty pictures sent to the wrong people.. But this time, it worked out for me just fine 😉 Scored a naughty fuck buddy..who knew having an affair could be so much fun?

It started off innocently enough.. I was sexting my boyfriend. Naughty pictures flying back and forth, some kinky messages.. all kinds of ideas being whispered between us. But then, as fate would have it, my boss sends me a text message. He was just sending me a client’s ‘contact card’ by message. But his messaged popped up at the wrong time, and I was severely distracted..so I sent a very naughty idea – accompanied by a picture! – right to the open message window..and within a split second, my boss had it. Fuck! I tried to delete it, tried to find a way to undo it..but it was late. However.. he didn’t react how I expected. He didn’t yell, he didn’t ask me if it was to the wrong person. He stayed completely quiet for a few minutes, and then his message screen pops up with a new image from him, a shirtless pic just taken in the bathroom, with the same suit he’d had on today laying behind him. He then asked “Oh, really.. We might have to stay late today. Lots of work to do. Ideas to discuss.”

And the cat was in the bag. A bit of sexting continued after that..with both parties! I was sending naughty things to the boyfriend..and a few to the boss. I made sure to stay late that day and see what naughty ideas the boss had to discuss…and I never regretted a single thing.

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