Sexting: Sometimes the Wrong Number Is the RIGHT One!

You should be careful when sexting late at night.  Sometimes you accidentally send dirty things to the wrong phone number! But, as I found out, sometimes the wrong number ends up being the right one!

Late last night, I got this dirty urge for a little adult chat. I was sexting to one of my dirty phone fuckers. I sexted him a selfie of my big, perfect, natural tits and my face, and told him if he wanted me, to send me a picture of his hard, throbbing cock and I would know that meant he wanted to fuck me with it tonight! Giggled to myself as I thought about how hard his cock would get when he got my sext. I waited. Patiently, at first, then thinking to myself that maybe he was busy, and didn’t want to play with me after all!

Awesome! My text alert went off! I pulled up his message, and sure enough, there was an attachment to download. YESSS! I was so horny, and so ready to play! Then I clicked on the download button, and in just a second, the pic popped up. There was just one problem: This was definitely NOT my client’s cock!  This was a MONSTER cock – it HAD to be at least 12 inches long and so thick that it took up almost the whole width of my cell phone’s screen! Beneath the picture, there was a message:

If you want me to come over and fuck you with this – I need your address. 

Holy fuck me! I was sexting the wrong guy! I just sent my tits AND my face to the wrong number! The number was local, so for that matter, it could be someone that I know or have met before! I looked at his cock pic again and thought to myself, “IS it the wrong number? Or is it really turning out to be the RIGHT number?” Should I take a chance and let this guy come over and fuck me?” I needed it. I needed it SOOOOO fucking bad! Had no idea what his face looked like. But with a cock THAT huge, did it really matter? I could always close my eyes!!! 🙂

Did I dare?

My pussy was aching. I reached down and touched my panties, only to find they were soaking wet. … I slowly typed in my name and address. … Then I quickly hit the send button before I could change my mind.

Too late now! 

Wanna know who showed up at my door? If I got fucked? If it was the hard, dirty fuck that I needed to satisfy my slutty pussy? Call me for the best phone sex and I’ll tell you ALL about it!

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