Sexmas Anal Sex with Adriana & Corey

The playful spankings began getting a bit harder and harder. Though we were definitely on something when I looked at Corey’s ass it was bright red so I felt like I had to comfort it. So I started by kissing it, and that became licking it and before I knew it my tongue was running up and down her slit and all. Corey tasted amazing! Now, even more, we were being watched, surrounded by everyone at the party. It was then that some of the men started pulling out their cocks from their pants. I guess they had anal sex on their mind.

The men stroking their cock watched very closely as Corey started to taste me. Her tongue felt so fucking good inside me she made me cum in no fucking time. When I was close to my second orgasm she started fingering my ass and that’s when I just begged for one of those cocks. I couldn’t take it anymore. I wanted a big fat cock stretching me out and that’s what I got. Corey guided it inside me and he just went with it and rammed it deep.

As I was moaning Corey bent over too and got herself one too.

Two hot teen brunettes with juicy round asses bent over taking big cocks. If that doesn’t sound yummy to you, I don’t know what does. All the men in the party started taking turns on us. We wanted to take every single one of them and of course, we did. I came so many times my pussy was soaking wet and dripping and Corey’s was too. Perhaps you’d like to where we took all those holiday party loads. For that, I’m afraid you will need to ask us!

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