Sex With A Stranger, My Chance To Fuck A Sexy Fireman!

Let’s beging my tale about having sex with a stranger- I was sitting home one night lounging in my t-shirt and panties when suddenly I heard the smoke alarm. Everyone was running out of their apartments around me. Just then I smelled the smoke that was billowing from the back.

So frightened I ran out the front door stopping only to help old Mrs. Tipton coming from her apartment. Escorting her across the street we stood there freezing and scared. The fire trucks arrived and there were men in uniforms running everywhere. We soon learned that everyone and their pets had been safely vacated.

However, the back half of the complex was gone and the rest was smoke filled. None of us had a place to stay tonight. The ambulance had given us all blankets and they had Mrs. Tipton loaded in the back of their ambulance monitoring her vitals.

Family members were arriving and taking people home with them. I stood wrapped in a rough itchy blanket wandering what I was going to do. They would not let us in our homes until after the Fire Marshall declared it was safe. I went up to a very handsome very strong looking fireman and batting my eyes said, excuse me, could you help me, please? I gave my saddest look ever. Which was not very far off?

You’re standing here freezing half-naked!

Yes, ma’am, he answered. I was wondering if I could just pop into my apartment and get some clothes and my car keys. I have nowhere to go and I seriously need my wallet and things. No, I am sorry we are not allowed, it is not safe. The smoke inhalation alone is very dangerous. Do you have any family you could call?

No, I am here on a modeling job for 6 months so this is just a temporary setup. I actually do not know anyone out here in California. At that exact moment, a shiver ran through my body as if on cue. He noticed and as I was adjusting my blanket he saw I was not dressed at all. Oh my god, you don’t even have any shoes on. Here let me get you a lift to the station. Then if you don’t mind you can stay at my place tonight.

What you are a strange man I can’t just go home with you. No, I am sorry its ok I have to work you will be there by yourself. You can chain the door if you don’t trust me. I really did not have a lot of options but something told me I could trust him. Besides, he was so cute.

As promised he took me safely to his apartment and after quickly showing me around and assuring me I could make myself at home he left. I will be back in the morning and I will bring you over to your apartment when they clear it. Is that ok? He asked with a smile. I nodded and he left.

Half naked I laid in his bed smelling his scent!

I showered and using his male products it made me smell like what he must smell like without all the smoke. I then raided his fridge and after eating some yogurt I fell asleep on his bed. Now wearing his t-shirt and no panties.

The next morning I woke up to the smell of breakfast cooking. His t-shirt enveloped me like a dress hanging down almost to my knees and off one shoulder. I walked into the kitchen with messy hair no makeup and having slept like 10 hours.

He stood there like a Greek God. He looked completely out of place in the kitchen yet totally at home too. Good morning I said sleepily. He looked up and after a noticeable pause smiled and said good morning. You were sleeping so good that I just let you sleep for a while until my stomach got the best of me.

Thank you so much, slightly blushing because I knew he had seen me sleeping. Thank you for letting me crash. I did not think I could sleep at all because I was worrying so much but as soon as my head hit the pillow I was out.

We talked over breakfast getting to know one another. It was like the kind of things you say on a first date yet we were sitting in his apartment I was half naked and we were completely at ease with one another. He was being the perfect gentleman. As we stood washing the dishes together he reached his arm around me to get the towel and it felt really nice. So I backed up into him once or twice and could not help touching him every chance I get.

I surprised him by walking out naked.

I walked into the bedroom and told him I was going to the shower and asked if he had anything at all I could wear to the apartment. He followed me into the room and as I started the shower I slipped off the t-shirt and walked into the bedroom where he was pillaging through the dresser looking for sweats. He looked up and saw me standing there with one hand on the bedpost.

I would like to say thank you for your hospitality. He swallowed hard and stood to stare at me. To give him credit he tried to deny me. I would never expect that from you. No, and I find that endearing about you. However, I am not offering anything that we both don’t want so come on seize the moment.

He swooped me up in his arms and I wrapped my legs around his waist. Kissing me long and hard his hands kneading my ass he laid me down on the bed. As he stood to strip out of his clothes I raised on my elbows to watch him and it was quite the show even if he did it hurriedly. His body was unbelievable and his cock was huge! He lifted my ass up and brought my pussy right to his face and feasted licking me until I was quivering.

He was driving me insane with his tongue! I never would have guessed sex with a stranger could be so hot!

Only after I had cum hard all over his face and his mouth he laid me down then flipped me over onto my belly. He was not done yet. He licked my asshole running his tongue up and down my crack slowly. Driving me insane. Until I was begging him to fuck me.

Since he had a gigantic four-poster bed he positioned me where I was on my knees facing and holding onto one the posts. He slid in behind me and spreading my legs wide he slipped inside me. Splitting my pussy apart he felt amazing. Drilling me his hands on my tits squeezing me. It felt so fucking good. After a while, he laid back and pulled me down on top of him. I rode his cock rocking my hips sliding up and down his hot rod.

For several hours we fucked in every possible position we could think of. His cock seldom went soft and always rebounded like a champion. He had so much cum I had never seen a man cum so much in my life. Especially, when he was fucking my throat. It was like he never was going to stop so I finally had to pull it out and let him finish on my face.

So if you need a fireman then call 911 but if you need a phone sex operator call me. If you have a problem with a fire in your pants then call the phone sex hotline.