Sex with Mom

I remember the first time I had sex with Mom. I squirted out a milky fluid which my mother caught in the palm of her other her hand.

“Let me go get you a warm towel,” she said softly as she opened the massage room door and exit the room. I lay in the stillness, still not sure exactly what happened, but certain that whatever it was I wanted more of it.

In a few minutes’ Mom returned a wet washcloth in her hand. “Turn over honey, and let me clean you up a bit.”

I slowly turned over, aware that my penis had shriveled back to its little nub, and a little embarrassed to have my mother not only looking at me but washing me.

She gently took me in her hand, squeezing the droplets from the tip of my penis, while slowly washing me with the warm cloth. All the while she cooed words that made me feel at ease, calling me her little man, and telling me what a beautiful body I had.

Sex with Mom
Sex with Mom

“Do you want me to give you a front rub?” She asked quietly. As I nodded, she moved to my head and slid her hands down my chest.

Then she kneaded and massaged my shoulders and my neck, my chest and then began stretching her arms down past my hips and onto my thighs. As she stretched, she leaned against my face. Her soft terry towel smelled fresh as I heard her whisper,

“It’s OK, you can look inside.”

I reached up and pulled aside her robe, exposing her full breast with its large areole, light brown against her milky skin. I reached in and stroked her nipple, which seemed to jump at the touch of my small hand.

“Kiss it, Honey,” I heard her coo, “suck on it, like when you were my baby.”

I pulled her breast toward me with both hands. And nestled it tightly against my mouth as my lips separated and drew the half-inch long nipple into my mouth, caressing it with my tongue.

“Oooh, that’s good!”

She said, brushing my little cock lightly with her fingertips. My penis jumped and I could tell I was beginning to become erect again.

I massaged her soft breast as I nibbled and sucked noisily on her nipple. Her breast sagged a little as I pulled on it.

I moved to her companion breast. Then I pulled both breasts together, sucking on both her nipples at the same time. She squealed with delight, continuing to tickle and manipulate my hard-little member.

“Oh little man,” she panted, “you are soo good at that! Let me give you something else to suck on.”

She disappeared from view for a moment and then she climbed up on the bed minus her robe.

My mother was naked above me.

As my eyes roamed hungrily over her breasts and down her stomach to the smooth mound that was glistening between her legs.

She parted her knees and place her pussy directly in front of me as her hands gathered in my privates. I stared at her pussy as she encouraged me to explore.

Was I really having sex with Mom? I had fantasized about raping my moms ass but only as an innocent vague idea. This was really happening.

I reached up to touch the moist area between her legs. She gave a start as I separated the large folds, uncovering a small hard point of flesh.

“Yes,” I heard her say, her voice breathy and excited. I pushed on the hard button and felt her jump.

“Take it in your mouth,” she whispered, lowering her crotch into my face.

I separated her pussy lips with my fingers and reached out with my tongue, tasting the sweet salty goodness of my mother’s vagina.

I slipped one of the folds into my mouth and sucked it in. Then I found that hard point again with my tongue and licked it again and again while my mother squirmed.

I found the hole between the lips first with my fingers and then with my tongue. I inserted one, then two, then three fingers into her; all the while continuing to swirl and press into the hard point of flesh at the front of her pussy. I felt her arch against my hand as she came with short pulsing bursts.

“Oh, Baby!” she said, “Don’t stop, oh yes, yes!”

The pulsing stopped and I felt her settle her weight on me, groaning a little as again I felt her gather my balls and my erect little penis into her hands.

“I guess it’s my turn again,”

I heard her say weakly, and then I felt her mouth on the tip of my hard young penis. She stood it straight up with her hands, wrapped her lips around the tip and then began going up and down my shaft.

I could feel her moist mouth sucking on my cock while her fingers tickled my balls. And then caressed the outline of my ass hole.

In a matter of minutes, maybe seconds I again felt that urge welling up in me and I was soon pulsing in ecstasy, while my mother milked my cock with her mouth.

“That was amazing, Mom,”

I said as she slid around to face me. Her eyes twinkled as she smoothed my chest with her hand, and rested her breast against my arm.

“You are quite a little guy,”

She said. “But you know that this is our little secret. Others wouldn’t quite understand,” she said as she played with my nipples and brought her knee up over my now wilted penis.

“I know, Mom,” I said, “I love you, and I wouldn’t do anything to hurt you.”

“You’re such a treasure,” she said and pinched my cheek. “Now, time to get dressed.” With that, she slid off the table, grabbed her robe and left the room.

I lay there in a haze for a few minutes and then drifted off into sleep.

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Sex with Mom
Sex with Mom

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