Sex with a Stranger

I didn’t know his name. I didn’t want to. So I didn’t know where he was from. I didn’t need to. Didn’t know where he was heading but I was glad he stopped there. I knew he was married but I didn’t care.

So what if there is someone at home waiting for him? Right now he’s with me and he’s taking care of all of my needs. My car stopped running and with a dead cell phone and no way to call for help I was desperate on the side of the road waving my hands hoping someone would stop. So many cars passed by me but one stopped and out of the car stepped a handsome stranger. He looked me up and down before he looked under my hood. He told me what repairs my car would need but I could barely hear him because I  was distracted admiring his hot body and how he filled out those jeans.

Then he called for the tow truck and as my car was hauled away to the repair shop my young hero offered me a ride. “They’ll have to keep your car overnight, little lady, is there anywhere I can take you?” I looked into his flirting eyes and said, “I saw a motel down the road. I’ll need a place to stay while I wait.” As soon as I sat in his passenger seat his hand rode up my skirt. I spread my legs wider. He finger fucked my pussy the whole way.

When we got to the hotel I checked in and he waited for me in the car.

As soon as I got the key to open the door to my room he was right behind me forcing his way into my room and locking the door. “You’re so goddamn hot. I’m going to fuck your brains out.”

He threw me on the bed and started kissing me passionately as we tore off each others clothes. His body was ripped and toned and his cock was huge. He was all man and I was all woman and we could help but have our fill of each other. He grabbed my tits and sucked them hard. I say on his face and he sucked my pussy juice as I swallowed his massive cock. He turned me on the back and rammed his cock deep in my pussy and fucking me nonstop and then he turned me around and fucked me doggie style. I turned him around and straddled him with my long legs and fucked him on top and bounced my huge tits in his face as he sucked my nipples. We fucked so hard til we were soaring.

The next morning he drove me to pick up my car while fingering me the whole ride. I kissed him goodbye and watched him drive off. I will never forget the night I had Sex with a Stranger.

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