Sex is very important in a relationship.

A lot of people blame female for lack of sex in relationships. this is not the case with me. I love to fuck. I can’t put enough emphasis on that statement. Some people use sex as leverage in relationships or use lack of sex as a punishment. Not this girl. If we argue and I am mad at you why would I sacrifice my own pleasure to punish you?

Never ever would I withhold my pussy.

That is dumb. One night Michael tried that with me. Yes, he tried to withhold his cock. The only person he withheld it from was himself. I don’t play like that. I wanted sex, he didn’t want to give it up, I was going to get it anyway. Dressing in my come fuck me outfit I was ready to hit the bar. With one thing on my mind, I didn’t want to have small talk or exchange names.There was no need to buy me drinks.

I was a for sure thing.

Needing to feel a hard cock in my pussy I was on a mission. Walking into the bar I spotted the guy I wanted. Walked up to him and asked him if he was up for some nsa fucking. Climbing in the backseat of the car I was already prepared, short skirt and no panties. Unbuckling his belt and unzipping his pants all I wanted was that hard cock.The feeling of that big thick cock as it slid in my pussy was amazing. I rode the fuck out of him, Our breathing was steaming up the car windows. This was a good thing because people were coming in and out of the bar.

Sweaty bodies bouncing around while the car fills with the scent of sex.

Call me a bitch if you want to but I had to take a picture of it and send it to Michael. Just so he knows I don’t go without. I have adult sex stories because I refuse to neglect my craving.

Phone Sex Free