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It was getting late and I was about to say fuck it and go to bed, but just then my phone started buzzing. I had a text… Wanna fuck it read. I replied with a cute kissy face emoji and typed I am always ready for sex and pressed send. Within a couple minutes my phone buzzed again and as I looked at my phone that’s when things got a little strange. Come to the roof it read. Ok haha funny I texted back who is this? Now thinking one of my roommates were playing a trick I got out of bed and made my way to the roof. Stopping on the way to grab a can of fake snow. I will show them.

As I climbed the stairs in our apartment building making my way out to the door to the roof patio I see it. There on top of my building was a big red sleigh attached to eight reindeer and inside the sleigh a huge bag of toys and a man with a red coat and big fluffy white beard.

I stood there for a moment in amazement before he told me to come over to him.

As I got closer I noticed he wasn’t wearing any pants and opened his big red and white coat and starting stroking his cock. What the fuck I thought fuck it I am gonna have sex with Santa.

As I got within Reaching distance he takes me by the hand and lifts me into the sleigh and he tells me to wrap my sweet juicy lips around his hard cock and suck it. So like a good like a whore I do as I am told and I swear it tasted just like a candy cane.

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