What if I told you about the naughtiest sex video that I have ever made?

I love getting as taboo as I can. That includes exploring new sexual fantasies, no matter how taboo they may seem. And of course, recording the sex video and experiences so you can re-watch them is half the fun! A couple of weeks ago, I had the opportunity to do something really naughty when my family was visiting. I love incest fun so much, but this time it wasn’t my busty mommy or my kinky daddy that I got to play with. It was someone completely new. Someone I didn’t even think could get so naughty.

It was my gorgeous grandma!

She has been going out more since her 60th birthday. And I knew that she started dressing a little more feminine, but I never thought she would approach me when my parents were gone. She came into my room, dressed in a tiny black lacey slip. The silky fabric clung to her body in all the right ways. I was definitely confused, but very intrigued. She said she found my video stash on my computer, and she wanted to add a special video to my collection. That’s when it all started.

My grandma started making out with me. I could feel the silky fabric rub against me, and I started blushing. I loved the way her body felt against mine. Then, I started pushing my hand up between her thighs. I soon discovered that she didn’t have any panties on. She stopped me to turn on the video recorder and place it on the tripod. Once the red light started blinking, I knew we were going to put on a show that I would watch for a long time. Who could blame me when my grandma ended up being such a filthy slut? I couldn’t say no!

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