Family parties can be so boring but not when my Sexy Uncle Greg shows up!

Uncle Greg and my whole family are super close so I knew he would be at my Dad’s party.  My dad had a birthday last week so we threw him a little party on Saturday. Mom did most of it and I showed up with some drinks. It was a huge party and Mom invited Dad’s friends and people he knew from work as well as a couple of neighbors they’re close with. My Uncle Greg was there and he’s always been a huge flirt to me ever since I started getting tits. It’s never gone further than some flirty comments and light touching plus he never does it when anyone else is around. It’s our little secret and I like the teasing games we play but we took things further at Dad’s birthday party.

We had dinner and Uncle Greg sat beside me, his hand slipping under the table then under my dress. I ignored him but my pussy began throbbing. I felt like such a bad girl and my parents were right there! After dinner Mom wanted a small break before we had the birthday cake and since I hadn’t done much to help with the party Mom made me clear the table and get things ready for while everyone else went to the living room to relax. I was putting the dishes in the sink when Uncle Greg came into the room and put his arms around me.

He held me close and rubbed his crotch on me slowly.

“Can I give you hand?” he asked as I leaned into him and his hand went lower. “No but you can give me something else.” I told him and rubbed my ass on him as he started to get hard. I didn’t want Mom or Dad walking in on us so I turned off the taps and kept one eye on the door as I shoved up my skirt.

Uncle Greg tugged my panties down to my knees and put his hand on my back, bending me over the sink. I heard him undo his trousers and his dick pressed into me as he shoved a hand between my legs. He fingered me quickly, making me wetter then I felt his dick brushing over my lips. He pushed in slowly and I could hear laughter coming from the living room. It reminded me of how many people were in there and it would be so easy to get caught from someone wanting to get a drink.
It felt so exciting and Uncle Greg began fucking me, the edge of the sink slamming into my stomach. He kept his hand on my back, fucking me hard and forcing me to move with him. “I’ve been wanting to do this for so long.” he panted under his breath as I bit my lip to try and keep quiet. My pussy was shooting tingles through me and I rocked on his dick, impaling myself on it as my arm hit a plate. It rattled but didn’t fall as I bit back a cry as I came. Greg kept fucking my tight wet pussy, rubbing past my walls until he groaned and started to cum.

   Uncle Greg put his dick back in his trousers and said “I’ll try and keep everyone busy while you clean yourself up.”

Great, not only did I have cum dripping down me but I still needed to clean the kitchen. Typical man, can’t be bothered to help me out but can find the time to fuck me. Oh well, I was one of the hosts for the party and I loved the unexpected present I got from my Uncle.

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