Your sex tube twitches and stirs to life.  What are you going to do with that little thing??  I’ll decide

I know when your hard sex tube starts throbbing you can’t see much further than the end of your dick. That’s kind of ridiculous because it’s REALLY not impressive. I bet you aren’t having any hot sex with that thing.  I know one of your favorite things to do is play with that little worm ya got there between your legs. Seriously, I get it. It feels good. Actually, it feels REAL good. You LOVE playing with it, so why shouldn’t some lucky lady? But, baby, she’d have to be the unluckiest lady around.

That pathetic itty bitty dicky doo belongs nowhere near a pussy. NOT WORTHY, fucking duh. I mean, just look at it. Thing is, I kinda feel like you shouldn’t even be allowed to play with it whenever you want, either. A silly willy like that needs to be locked away, and you could really use some discipline.

You can’t just be playing with that pitiful thing whenever you want. A micropenis like that doesn’t really even deserve to be touched.  You can’t help yourself, so you’ll need some guidance.

But, I’ll make you a deal…

I’m going to put your pitiful pecker in a cage and keep it all locked up.  But,  if you can be a good boy while you’re under lock and key, I’ll let you play with it all you want. However, there is one major stipulation.  You don’t cum unless I give the order.  You will need my expressed permission for every orgasm, or you’re never getting out of that cage.  I want to own every last blob of cum that comes dripping out of the little cock. Wouldn’t be nice to not have to worry about whether or not you should cum? Ya won’t have to decide anymore. I decide for you now.

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