Sex toys, the pleasure they bring to you and me!

Sex Toys, The Pleasure They Bring To You and Me! Please sit back and relax. Grab the pocket pussy or pleasure doll because you will need it to help you explode. Let me assure you I have my thundering vibe and large dildo ready to slide into this oh so wet pussy!

I have not touched myself for a week. I have been building and building to the multiple orgasmic releases I am going to have today with you on the phone. First, I need to prepare my sex toys before you call.

I take a long hot bubbly bath and make my skin feel soft, silky, smooth. That really gets me feeling sexy. Then I lay back on some silky sheets. Last, beside me, I lay sex toys, my thundering vibe bullet that makes my clit sing. My 9-inch pink dildo and purple butt plug round off today’s toys. However, in the closet, I have so many more toys to be enjoyed with our future sessions.

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I flip the tv on and switch it to some hot girl on girl sex toys flick. They are fucking each other with a double-headed dildo. That is so damn hot. Look at those pussy juices because they are so very wet.

My hand slides down and begins to lightly stroke my own pussy lips. I look at the phone. Where are you? I need you to call me on phone sex kingdom as I am feeling very, very naughty—my left-hand slides over my plump firm breast squeezing it and teasing the nipple. My nipples are so hard right now in anticipation. I need sex toys. So I pick up the bullet vibe and flip the switch on laying it on my nipple. The sensation causes me to arch my back.

The phone rings, and I am caught playing before it is time. I answer slightly breathless. It’s you. Hi, this is Simone, I say. Of course, I am ready to play.. I am always willing to play. ‘What am I doing, you ask?” “Hmm, well, waiting for you to make me cum.”

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I continue to stroke my nipple with the vibe and tell you all about how hard it is making it. My pussy is responding, as well. “Yes, I am very wet already,” I confirm for you. My fingers find my pussy and claim the wetness. Bringing my pussy soaked fingers to my lips, I suck the juices off, letting you hear.

“I am so ready to fuck myself, are you ready to hear me cum, baby? I ask,” I hear you slide your cock into the pocket pussy, and I tell you to go ahead and stick that butt plug up your asshole because we both know you fucking love that. It’s okay; your secret is safe with me. I will shove mine in there too; it will heighten our pleasure immensely! So I squeeze push and finally get that huge purple butt plug inserted into my tiny little asshole.

Yes, baby, I know that feels so damn amazing! Now stroke that cock and make it wet for me lover. Yes, stroke it .. slide it into that pussy and fuck it so fast and hard. Your right, I am fucking my hole with my huge dildo, and I fucking love it. It feels so good. It feels up my wet little hole so good.

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I am pounding my pussy, and you’re stroking your cock? Get up on that pussy and pound it, baby. Come on Daddy, fuck that pussy until I scream! I want to cum so bad. I need to cum over and over again, but I want to do it on your cock!

Your cock makes my pussy throb, and the pressure of those butt plugs are driving us insane. Don’t let up, don’t slow down until you cum so hard you feel that hot little cunt up with creamy goodness!

All you need is some encouragement to make that load blow. I can do that for you. In fact, I want you to encourage me to rub my pussy until I cream. Can you? Can you make me cum over the phone? Why not try? My pussy is always wet and ready to be fucked. Is your cock ready for some hot phone sex?

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