Sex Toys: Want to Learn Some of My Favorites?

I adore sex toys. Words cannot express how much fun I have played with myself and others with toys, only cum can! We all have a few tucked away in our panty drawers or in a nightstand. Don’t try to deny it, embrace your kink! Give those naughty little playthings some love!

Have you ever wanted to know about my favorite sex toys? If you are intrigued, keep reading, and you will find out!

Dildos are a way into a girl’s or guy’s heart… and pussy, ass, mouth, etc! (;

I love many dildos, and there are many different options! I’m seriously like a kid in a candy store when I’m in a sex toy store. “Oh, look at this! OMG, look at that! I wonder what that feels like?” Willy Wonka has nothing on me!

I enjoy silicone, because of its various size options, but my absolute favorite dildo type is.. drumroll, please! GLASS DILDOS. 

Before your pussy or ass contracts up into your body in fear, understand that they are not sharp, and it is really hard to break them (i would have by this point)! Because they can hold temperature, this might be another avenue you might want to try in your sex life! If you like temperature play, this is something you definitely need to try. You can cool them down in the fridge, warm them up in your hands, or by running some hot water! I have a few of these guys because I love them so damn much!

There are some ridges and bumps (we love those!) and some that are just smooth and curved! Ladies and gents, if you have never tried one of these beauties, you need to! Glass toys are also extremely hard, which is something that I tend to find to be lacking with regular silicone toys. They are also gorgeous! They are truly works of art.. that you can fuck!

Vibrators are a godsend!

There are many different kinds! It is impossible to find one that does not work for you, because there are just so many to choose from! There are rabbit vibrators, wand massagers, bullet vibes, remote vibes, and many more! Two of these tie for my top (G)spot, because I just cannot decide! Wand massagers are powerful, and can help you reach that “O” in no time! Bullet vibes or egg vibes are also super fun, too! They may be small, but they pack a powerful punch! Use one of these (or both!) during the next play session, and I guarantee you will have one of the most intense orgasms you have ever experienced!

Sex toys are fantastic for play on your own and can also add some spice to your sex with a partner!


That’s all folks! <3


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