Getting new sex toys always makes my pussy pulsate. My new huge vibrator finally came in the mail! I was getting worried…it took so long to get here. The neighbor’s son came over with the box. He surprised me. As I was getting out of the shower. I heard a knock at the door, looked out the peep hole and noticed it was 14 year old Jake from next door. Sweet kid. When he handed me the box I practically squealed with excitement, forgetting I was  still just wearing my towel.

Jake asked me if he could see what was in the box. I hesitated for a minute but he looked so curious and I thought what the hell. We sat down on the couch and I opened the package. I have been wanting a bigger, longer more powerful vibrator for a long time. Some girls want diamonds, but give me a fun new sex toy and I am just as happy!

Jake was watching my towel and how it kept slipping. I know it is wrong but I got turned on by this young boy watching me.

Slowly, I pulled out the big purple vibrator and showed him. He wanted to know what I did with it. It wasn’t charged so I couldn’t make it vibrate yet, but I rubbed it on his cheek. Then I slowly put the vibrator in my mouth and moved it in and out. Jake smiled, as his little bulge in his jeans started grow.

I put the vibrator on his crotch and moved it around.  It twitched and Jake groaned a bit. Sliding the vibrator up my leg and under my towel, as I touched my clit under the towel. I told Jake that if he was good and didn’t tell, he could come over later and he could watch me. “Why can’t I watch you now?” he begged. I told him to be patient. We could play lots of secret games if he is good.

I feel so naughty and so turned on right now!

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Read more of my Sizzling Blogs anytime!!!