Sex toy shopping is a lot of fun!

I’ve always had a few of my favorite toys to play with. My boyfriend Jeff and I are always trying something new in the bedroom and have probably done every position imaginable but we needed something more…so we decided to add some more toys. We both had last weekend off so we went out to get lunch and on the way back home we passed the adult toy store. I dragged him in there and told him we weren’t leaving until we bought something.

We wandered around the aisles and looked at all the fun stuff they had. A sexy latex cat suit caught my eye and a naughty school girl uniform which I was tempted to buy. We then found the toy area I picked up a string of anal beads. “Let’s see how many I can get inside you.” I said as he grabbed a paddle. “Naughty girls get spanked.” he told me, holding it up. I was faster than him and took it out of his hand. I gave his ass a good spanking until I saw the store owner coming towards us and she looked angry.

“Ooops, we’re in trouble,” I said playfully and Jeff got embarrassed.

“People need to buy these things you know.” she said, grabbing the paddle away from me. I felt like I was five and being told off by my Mommy. “So? It’s just a bit of fun. It is a toy anyway. Didn’t you see how much we liked it?” I asked and grabbed Jeff’s hard dick through his jeans. He took a step back and I knew he was dying inside. She seemed amused though and said “Yes, you did seem to be having fun.” She swatted my ass with it and I cried out as it landed on me. “Sounds like you enjoy it too.” She gave me a few more hits and I could hear cars passing outside the store.

Anyone could walk in here and see me. The paddle made my ass throb and I said “Keep going, you’re turning me on.” She put the paddle back on the shelf and grabbed a box off it instead. I saw that it was a Rabbit vibrator and she took it out as she told Jeff to take down my jeans and panties. He did it as she got the toy ready and he stood there holding me as I felt a rush go through me. He kissed me and his fingers played with my breast as the vibrator began whirring. I leaned against him as she pushed it into me.

She pumped the toy in and out as my boyfriend touched me.

I moaned as my hips pressed down onto the vibrator. The vibrations made me shudder. I closed my eyes as I started to breathe harder. My clit was being constantly rubbed and jabbed as the Rabbit moved inside me and I bit down on my lip as she held it deep inside me. My clit felt like it was being shocked as she brushed my hair off my shoulder and kept up the pressure.

I fell into my boyfriend as I came and squeezed myself around that amazing toy.

I grabbed the Rabbit from her and switched it off before opening my mouth and sticking out my tongue. They watched as I licked my juices off it slowly, making sure I licked it clean. I then handed it back to the women and said “We’re definitely going home with that. Oh and this too.” I said as I grabbed the paddle. She went to ring the items up and I pulled up my jeans while Jeff said “We should give her our number in case she wants to join us again.” God, I love him. Do you have any fun toy store experiences? I’d love to hear about them!!

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke